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China: As of Feb. 9, 2017- 9 H7N9 cases in Wuhan, Hubei

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  • China: As of Feb. 9, 2017- 9 H7N9 cases in Wuhan, Hubei


    Google translation:

    Wuhan confirmed 9 cases of H7N9 avian influenza prevention and control of emergency response to start

    As of February 9, the city has been diagnosed with 9 cases of H7N9 avian influenza cases, of which 2 cases have been cured, 7 cases are still in hospital for treatment. The city launched a comprehensive human infection H7N9 bird flu prevention and control of emergency response.

    At present, a time when high incidence of human infection H7N9 avian influenza, cases distributed in Huangpi, Jiangxia, East and West Lake and Caidian, Hannan and other regions.

    The whole city tightly controls bird flu. According to the Hubei Provincial People's Health Emergency Plan for H7N9 Avian Influenza and the Emergency Plan for Wuhan Public Health Emergency, the city has established a mechanism to break down the responsibility and start the emergency response to human infection with H7N9 Avian Influenza.

    The main measures are: the development of medical treatment, health supervision, prevention and control, coordination of health technology, rationally set the designated hospital, the establishment of prevention and control, clinical treatment, etiology detection expert group, do epidemic analysis and evaluation, prevention and control Epidemic spread. To carry out health promotion of popular science knowledge. Standardize the management of poultry farms, daily disinfection of live poultry farms, suspension of live poultry trade and export. The residents of the epidemic area of ​​500 meters within the live poultry slaughtered and harmless treatment within 1000 meters well disinfected, rural areas of free-range poultry will be in captivity. Close all the city's live poultry market, prohibit market trading of live birds. Market monitoring by the positive point of live birds will be slaughtered for harmless treatment. Urge the market to do the market rinse and disinfection.

    Strengthen the management of immigration, illegal traffic of live birds to investigate and deal with, foreign live birds are not allowed to enter the Wuhan area, found live poultry ordered to return to their places. The city may not flow out of live birds in Wuhan.

    Disease control experts believe that H7N9 avian influenza epidemic can prevent control, do not panic. It is recommended that the public not to live in the poultry market or stalls, do not buy live birds, do not slaughter live birds, such as wild sick or dead wild birds found in the wild, do not touch, poultry eggs must be cooked, Proof of frozen poultry and products. If fever cough and other symptoms in a timely manner.

    Author: Zhu Xidong

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    As for the Wuhan's cases, following news paper might be a little bit better than the authority's announcement:

    I, just for our information will put my translation as below:

    Wuhan has diagnosed 7 cases of avian flu H7N9
    Wuhan New Citizen’s Network: Yesterday (Feb. 4, 2017), The reporter got following information from Provincial HFPC:

    Hubei province diagnosed two(2) H7N9 cases on Jan. 29 and Feb. 1 respectively

    Patient 1;
    Diagnosed date: Jan. 29,
    Sex: Male,
    Age: 40 years old
    Condition: Critical
    (Isorated treatment in a hospital in Wuhan city)
    No symptoms has been found among Close contacted persons.

    Patient 2;
    Diagnosed date: Feb. 1
    Sex: Male
    Age: 55 years old
    Condition: Critical
    Hospitalized in a hospital in Wuhan city
    (Isorated treatment in a hospital in Wuhan city)
    No symptoms has been found among Close contacted persons.

    From Jan. 1 onward, Hubei province has diagnosed 7 cases including two(2) cases were diagnosed at other province

    As above, these two seems to be Wuhan citizens.
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