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China - Hubei: HFPC announced a H7N9 case 14-Mar-16

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  • China - Hubei: HFPC announced a H7N9 case 14-Mar-16

    Enter the province found a case of H7N9 flu, Hubei Medical and Family Planning 2016 Nian 03 Yue 14 Ri

    March 13, 2016, the province Diagnose neighboring provinces entered H7N9 influenza with severe pneumonia and severe sepsis and multiple organ failure (acute respiratory distress syndrome, septic shock, liver and kidney dysfunction) polycystic kidney disease, polycystic liver disease patients in the poultry business activities. Ministry of Health and Family Planning Commission attaches great importance to have been taken to isolate the treatment of patients, management of close contacts, strengthen epidemic prevention and control measures for monitoring and health education.

    Experts judged that: multi-spring period of H7N9 influenza, epidemic characteristics and biological characteristics of the current etiology of the disease has not changed, does not have the conditions of human to human transmission, the public need not panic too much.

    Experts advise: the influenza season in the spring, the people (especially the elderly, children, pregnant women, patients with the disease have lower immunity, such basic groups) as far as possible not to have the sale of live poultry farmer's market. H7N9 flu prevention and control, to achieve the "three to three not" (should wash their hands: after contact with poultry, wash hands before meals and after; to cook: poultry and eggs should be cooked before eating; to early treatment: If fever, cough, headache, general malaise and other respiratory symptoms, should as soon as possible to the nearest medical institutions for treatment do not eat dead poultry; Do not buy poultry products from unknown sources; minimize unnecessary contact with live poultry).
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    H7N9 patient discharged from Hubei hospital

    A patient infected with the H7N9 strain of avian flu, the first case this year, was discharged from a central China hospital on Wednesday.
    The 44-year-old patient, surnamed Dong, suffered multiple organ failure and had been isolated and in treatment since March 13, according to the Hubei provincial health and family planning commission.
    After more than a month of treatment, the patient's illness is under control and test results for H7N9 nucleic acid were negative. Medical experts said on Monday that Dong has met the conditions for release from the hospital.
    The patient is from Jingshan County and a live poultry trader.