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China - Hubei province announces case of avian influenza H7N9 - April 26, 2015

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  • China - Hubei province announces case of avian influenza H7N9 - April 26, 2015

    Hubei Province yesterday confirmed the H7N9 case. Patient, male, 50 years old, household Hubei, tin, in the live poultry trade and slaughter. The current patient stability, close contact with the staff members do not see an exception. Patient symptoms and contact input from other provinces, H N 7 9 virus live chickens. The site has the required to start work-arounds, ensuring the epidemic could be charged. Prevention stamp figure (this reporter Ni crystal in accordance with)

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    Prevention and control of human infection with H7N9 tight province bird flu

    Health and Family Planning Commission of Hubei 2015 年 04 月 27 日
    April 26th, the province confirmed the first case of H7N9 cases, 36 were in close contact with its no exception. After the outbreak, the Ministry of Health and Family Planning Commission promptly organized experts to conduct risk assessments and judgments epidemic, experts believe that the current epidemic is still confined to southeastern Hubei province in some areas, live animal markets is the primary dangerous place, infected live birds of input is the main risk sources. To prevent the spread of the epidemic, the province will ensure that the treatment effect in the first patient, based on a more stringent control measures.

    April 22, the Provincial People's Hospital of a fever patient, in interrogation that the patient had a history of contact with live poultry after its influenza A virus H7N9-RNA detection, results suggest that H7N9 positive, hospital patients immediately Go to the quarantine room (single room) treatment. April 23 , provincial and Wuhan expert group based on clinical manifestations, epidemiology and laboratory test results, a preliminary determination of the human cases of H7N9 flu infection in suspected cases, the patient was subsequently transferred to Wuhan City, isolation and treatment of medical treatment center . April 26 , via the National Health and Family Planning Commission determined to review the province's first.
    For the patient's condition, medical treatment expert group to develop a special provincial treatment programs, the patient is currently in Wuhan medical treatment centers treated in isolation, their body temperature has returned to normal, stable condition. Provincial medical treatment expert group of experts insist daily live rounds, the 3rd regular consultation, to ensure that the patient's condition does not appear again, soon discharged.
    April 23, after the province found the first suspected case of human infection with H7N9, cases have occurred to quickly launch a public health emergency Ⅳ, emergency response, as required, closed the live animal markets, for the same batch purchased from other provinces All chickens were culled and sound processing, carried out a health care practitioners; local medical institutions carry out a comprehensive fever and unexplained cases of pneumonia surveillance, good preparation for emergency treatment.
    To consolidate and strengthen the prevention and control effect, then, Southeast Hubei province plans to focus on areas to live animal management and early detection of outbreaks of major initiatives, continue to strengthen joint prevention and control mechanism in the province, strengthen epidemic prevention and control .
    First, source control, to minimize the risk of disease. Strict live poultry market access, standardized management oversight live bird market order, strengthen quarantine supervision and severely punished illegal business conduct live birds. Agriculture and forestry sectors to further expand the scope of monitoring to achieve full coverage of animal disease surveillance. Once the animal disease or monitoring positive, decisive disposal, rapid culling and safe disposal. Local commerce, industry and commerce, food and drug regulation and health planning departments work closely together, taken off of live poultry and live birds relevant market, the market thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, health care practitioners to carry out other measures to strengthen the management of live poultry trading market; regional epidemic did not occur, according to an independent set, isolated slaughter, safe disposal requirements set live poultry market place, strictly implement the "one day wash, disinfect a week, closed in January," the management system, and encourage qualified area progressive implementation "centralized slaughter, whole chicken listing" approach.
    Second, keeping guard at checkpoints, standardized cross-transporting live poultry. Closely tracking the epidemic dynamics, based on information and monitoring results H7N9 epidemic, strengthen supervision and quarantine of live birds circulation prohibited transferred live poultry outbreaks occurred.Regional epidemic appears province must be closed live poultry market, not outwards to transporting live poultry, live birds encourage centralized slaughtering place, chilled poultry tradable; suspend hunting birds and management, transport of birds live events ; severely punished and combating illegal capture, transport and sale of wildlife activity, to prevent disease transmission and spread.
    Third, plan ahead, make health emergency preparedness. Each county health planning administration department under the guidance of expert technical guidance provincial committee set up medical treatment, prevention and control, monitoring technology, case diagnosis expert group; disease control institutions at all levels to carry out surveillance data collection, analysis and reporting on a regular basis; various medical institutions above the county level responsible for unexplained pneumonia cases and people infected with H7N9 bird flu screening, while strengthening the training of medical personnel, good anti-influenza virus drugs and diagnostic reagents reserves.
    Fourth, good health education, universal H7N9 prevention and control knowledge. Promptly to the public through various forms of publicity H7N9 prevention knowledge, enhance public awareness and self-protection capabilities, and guide people to maintain good personal hygiene habits, improve physical fitness, reduce poultry, live birds exposed to risk.
    According to the National Health and Family Planning Commission Secretary for Disease Control Contending April 10, this year the national H7N9 epidemic has declined significantly, with highly sporadic cases still based, and since the spring of 2013 to confirm the virus, there is no significant variation in the virus, the virus still confined to the birds or a live bird market-based model to human transmission. No variation in the virus, cases of sporadic cases, this public need not panic. (Fang)

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    Hubei Province, the first case of H7N9 cases

    Health and Family Planning Commission of Hubei 2015 年 04 月 26 日
    April 26, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention to review the province's first confirmed H7N9 cases.
    The patient, male, 50 years old, household Luotian engaged in live poultry trade and slaughter activities. April 22, the Hubei Provincial People's Hospital admissions after the patient was diagnosed as a suspected H7N9 case, then go to Wuhan required medical treatment centers treated in isolation. At present, the patient's condition is stable, and its close contact with staff was no exception. By laboratory tests and epidemiological investigation confirmed that causes contact with the patient entered the provinces, carrying live chickens H7N9 virus related.
    The incident has started emergency measures required to close the live animal markets, all of the batch of chickens were culled herds and sound processing, carried out a health care practitioners; carry out a comprehensive medical and health institutions and fever of unknown The reason to monitor cases of pneumonia, good emergency treatment preparations to ensure that the epidemic preventable and controllable.

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      This is the first confirmed H7N9 infection generated inside Hubei province. Previously there was a person from Wuhan, Hubei province, who was diagnosed in Guangdong province and later died there:

      #406 - Man, 68, [Tianmou], Wuhan, Hubei Province, residing in Haizhu District of Guangzhou. Confirmed on March 31, currently in critical condition in a Guangzhou hospitals. Guangdong province Death note

      Source: FluTrackers H7N9 Human Case List link


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        Women jailed for spreading rumour that this patient died.

        Women traders said the first case of H7N9 infection in Hubei death in detention on suspicion of publishing rumors
        Published: 2015-04-30 15:03:02 Source : AFP 【Close】

          Metropolis Daily News (Reporter correspondent Liu Ju Gao Long red) Luotian County, a woman twice in the online micro-Bo, said the first case of H7N9 infection in Hubei death. Yesterday, Luotian police, the woman for the publication of the network rumor has been in administrative detention.
          April 22, the Provincial People's Hospital admitted a suspected H7N9 bird flu virus infected patients, the patient was a 50-year-old man, residence Luotian engaged in live poultry trade and slaughter activities.
          25 evening, Luotian County Public Security Bureau police found a network called "Asya fashion show" of users published Bowen said in its micro-Bo: "Luotian first case of bird flu, has announced today Wuhan hospital treatment died ! "10 o'clock that night, the netizens once again publish the same content in the micro-Bo Bowen. The news caused concern within a certain range.
          On the 26th, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention to review, confirm that patients infected with H7N9 avian influenza. The patient's condition is stable, there are persons in close contact with its no exception.
          Police quickly identified, netizens "Asya fashion show" real name is Zhang, female, 37 years old, Xiaogan people, in Luotian a commodity market to do business. 26, Zhang was arrested, she confessed hearsay, unconfirmed twice on the Internet publishing false information offenses.

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          Hubei Provincial Health and Family Planning , The province's first H7N9 patient discharged 2015-05-05

          May 5th morning, the province's first H7N9 patient Zhang in Wuhan City medical treatment center for 12 days after treatment was discharged.

          Patients with Zhang, 50 years old, is Huanggang Luotian County, the prevalence in live poultry before slaughter in Luotian County, April 17 high fever, chills, limb pain, cough, sputum and other symptoms, April 23 Japan is the preliminary diagnosis of suspected cases of human H7N9 infection, and transferred to the medical treatment center in Wuhan negative pressure rooms for isolation and treatment from the Provincial People's Hospital. For their condition, the province medical treatment expert group to develop a special treatment program, the team leader adhere to a daily rounds, six experts every three days once the patient consultation; Wuhan medical treatment center set up by the three doctors special class nine nurses, and hospital set up expert groups, a sense of group homes, living groups to treat the patient, the implementation of a daily report of the patient's condition.
          Currently, patients with good spirit, good appetite, sleep well; no fever, cough, sputum, chest tightness, breathing and other symptoms; vital signs were stable; the heart, lungs, abdomen no positive signs. April 29 and May 1 twice H7N9 nucleic acid test results were negative. After May 4 provincial medical care expert consultation believed that the clinical symptoms disappeared, the test result is normal, up to the discharge standard.

          To thank the medical staff to treat a number of days and careful guardian, when the patient was discharged for medical staff presented a silk banner.
          After the patient is discharged, the province will be tracking service, Luotian County will do follow-up care after returning home under the guidance of their provincial medical expert group and sent a medical discharge after their day of week personnel on-site inspection of their physical condition.

          First case of successful treatment for the province in the future to treat H7N9 patients has accumulated valuable experience. This is the province of the results of co-operation at all levels of medical institutions, also staged achievements made ​​in the province H7N9 prevention and control work. In 2013, in response to the national H7N9 outbreak response H7N9 outbreak in Hubei province to establish joint prevention and control mechanism, further develop and improve the diagnosis and treatment of specific contingency plans and control techniques. 2014, the province set up by the provincial H7N9 respiratory medicine expert group medical treatment, infection, intensive medicine and other sections of 89 experts, health planning administrative departments at all levels have been set up at the same level of health care in the province under the guidance of the expert group treatment expert groups; the province in urban counties were designated medical institutions designated H7N9 responsible for the patient's medical treatment, the province's medical institutions designated to treat a total of 96, designated medical institutions in recent years by strengthening capacity building for treatment of H7N9 patients are well prepared. In this year's contest with the H7N9 outbreak, epidemic prevention and control capabilities and levels of the province's medical treatment has withstood the test of practice.
          Next, the province will continue to attach great importance to prevention and control of H7N9, H7N9 prevention and control work to increase efforts to strengthen joint prevention and control, expanded monitoring coverage and improve the ability to predict the epidemic early warning and strengthen infectious disease designated hospital building, and effectively improve the majority of medical staff The diagnosis and treatment and on-site disposal capacity, in-depth education for prevention knowledge to ensure that the control measures are implemented, the province's total victory H7N9 prevention and control work. (Fang Wu Lei)

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