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Hong Kong fears new H7N9 outbreak

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  • Hong Kong fears new H7N9 outbreak


    2014 11 04

    A plague epidemic from the Government still has not Ping bluff

    The Government yesterday received notification mainland, a woman diagnosed with H7N9 bird flu Jiangsu Province, which is the local lapse after five months have confirmed cases. Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man claims that as the temperature drops after the mainland winter, H7N9 avian influenza have the opportunity to move south, the authorities will take stringent measures to monitor local and imported live chickens from the mainland, and urged the public not to direct contact with wild birds and live poultry. This red tape, it has been familiar, in fact, the responsibility to prevent bird flu pushed onto the public, whether the Government really take "drastic measures" doubtful.

    Hong Kong is no stranger to bird flu, avian flu in recent years, the continuous variant, hard to detect. H7N9 bird flu in March last year in Shanghai and Anhui two lead broke out, then speed spread, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Taiwan, Fujian and other places have appeared infection cases, just two months, has resulted in over one hundred thirty people infected thirty-seven deaths, destruction is nothing less than amazing. Hong Kong has also infected people in the mainland, was made jittery. Today Yimo comeback, enhanced lethality may be due to variations in Hong Kong once the fall worrying consequences.

    Hong Kong and across the river, hundreds of thousands of daily visitors between the two places, as long as one person ill, occupied the whole city at any time, ○ 三年 SARS is a precedent. Besides, Hong Kong is one of the routes of migratory birds south for the winter, with every day a large number of mainland live chickens to Hong Kong, a high risk of virus outbreak in Hong Kong. In fact, due to the experience of live chickens from the mainland to Hong Kong with the H7 avian influenza virus, earlier this year, authorities banned the mainland live chickens to Hong Kong until the supply was restored before the Mid-Autumn Festival, think only two months to restore the supply of avian flu under siege again.

    What is more worrying is that the mainland loopholes prevention measures, particularly the APEC summit soon, the authorities for the maintenance of stability and conceal the epidemic, is not impossible. SARS epidemic, the melamine milk crisis, everyone missed due to the maintenance of stability conceal the best prevention opportunities so that the issue of control. H7N9 bird flu first broke out last year, the mainland authorities were initially informed way to squeezing toothpaste epidemic, untrue, the Government informed if blindly rely on the mainland, the consequences are not obvious.

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