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China - Man detained for spreading H7N9 avian flu rumours in Shangqui City, Henan province - April 10, 2018

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  • China - Man detained for spreading H7N9 avian flu rumours in Shangqui City, Henan province - April 10, 2018

    The reason why Shangqiu men spread rumors that eating watermelon infected with H7N9 is astounding
    2018-04-10 08:06 Dahe Newspaper Review

    □ Reporter Shao Keqiang

    On 9 April, the Public Security Bureau of Xiaring County of Shangqiu City released news that the man of the county, Guo Moumou, spread the rumors of “eat watermelon infected with H7N9 virus” in order to make the local watermelon cheaper. At present, Guo Moumou was detained for 10 days by the Xiapi County Public Security Bureau for disrupting public order based on fictitious facts.

    It is understood that around 16:00 on April 3, Xia Jun’s Internet surfers Guo Moumou (male, 37 years old, from Handaokou Township, Xiayi County, Henan Province) issued a message on their WeChat group that 13 men and women were eating melons. Infected with H7N9 virus died. After that, this information was forwarded by a large number of netizens who did not understand the truth, resulting in great negative influence and causing undesirable social consequences.

    The Xiafu County Public Security Bureau punished Guo for spreading rumors and lawfully summoned the illegal actor Guo Moumou to the case on the morning of April 8. Guo Moumou confessed to his illegal facts.

    After investigation, Guo Moumeng saw information about the foreign H7N9 in other WeChat groups. In order to make the local watermelon cheaper, the site was changed to Shangqiu City, Henan Province and spread to its WeChat group. At present, Guo Moumou has been detained for 10 days by the Xiaju County Public Security Bureau because of imaginary facts that disrupt public order.

    The public security agencies call on the masses to take a sensible look at online information. They don’t believe it or not, and public security agencies will crack down on deliberately creating and spreading rumors.

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