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China - 1 new H7N9 case in Henan province for period April 1 - 7, 2017

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  • sharon sanders
    from above link:

    A Case of H7N9 Influenza in Henan Province
    Author: Time: 2017-04-07 Views: 90 Source: Ministry of Health and Family Planning Commission Font Size: [ Tai Zhong small ]
    2017 Nian 4 Yue 1 Ri Zhi 7 , the province added Pingdingshan City, Ye 1 Li H7N9 influenza cases.
    Patients Cheng a , female, 45 years old, Ye County, Pingdingshan City, people . At present the patient is seriously ill and is being treated.
    Experts to remind the public, try to avoid contact with live birds, do not touch dead birds; choose to buy cold, chilled poultry products; raw and cooked separately, cooked cooked thoroughly; engaged in poultry farming, transportation, sales, slaughter and other industry personnel contact live poultry To do a good job of personal protection; pay attention to maintain a healthy lifestyle, if there are abnormal signs of fever should be timely medical treatment.

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  • China - 1 new H7N9 case in Henan province for period April 1 - 7, 2017

    Henan province reported a new case of H7N9.

    Apr. 7, 2017

    From Apr.1 to 7, Henan province has added an H7N9 case from Pingdingshan city.

    The case is;
    Age: 45 years old
    Sex: Female
    Surname: Cheng
    Residential Address: Ye ditrict of Pingdingshan city
    Situation: Rather critical

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