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China: H7N9 Outbreak in Shuangyashan City in Heilongjiang Province - June 10, 2017

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  • China: H7N9 Outbreak in Shuangyashan City in Heilongjiang Province - June 10, 2017

    This is the seventh incident of Birds-to-Birds H7N9 outbreak since the first outbreak in May.

    China: H7N9 Outbreak in Shuangyashan City in Heilongjiang Province

    On June 10, Veterinary Department of Baoqing county of Shuangyashan city, Heilongjiang province, during their monitoring, found suspicious bird flu symptoms in some chicken-breeding-farms. 20,150 chickens got sick, 19,500 chickens died in this incidence.
    On June 13, Heilongjian provincial Center for Animal Disease Prevention and Control diagnosed it suspicious avian flu outbreak.
    June 16, 2017, after National Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory?s confirmation, this was diagnosed as the outbreak of H7N9 avian flu.
    After this, the local authorities in accordance with the requirements on the relevant prevention/control plans and technical requirements, developed law-based prevention/control, scientific prevention/control effectively. They have already culled 16,610 chickens and made them harmless.
    At present, the avian flu is effectively controlled.
    (This is the seventh case of chicke
    n-chicken outbreak after Hebei, Henan, Tianjin, Shaanxi, Huhehaote and Baotou outbreak.)


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    Heilongjiang Province Shuangyashan City Baoqing County poultry H7N9 influenza epidemic has been effectively controlled

    June 10, Heilongjiang Province, Shuangyashan City Baoqing County Veterinary Department in the monitoring found a farm breeding chickens suspected avian flu symptoms, the incidence of 20150 only, died in 19500 only. June 13, Heilongjiang Province, animal disease prevention and control center for the diagnosis of suspected avian influenza epidemic. June 16, the National Avian Influenza reference laboratory confirmed the outbreak for the H7N9 flu epidemic. After the epidemic, the local according to the relevant plans and control technical requirements, adhere to the law prevention and control, scientific prevention and control, and effectively do the work of the epidemic, has been culling and harmless treatment of 16,610 poultry. At present, the epidemic has been effectively controlled.