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China - Heilongjiang public security border defense corps detachment in Shuangyashan carry H7N9 bird flu prevention and control work

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  • China - Heilongjiang public security border defense corps detachment in Shuangyashan carry H7N9 bird flu prevention and control work

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    Shuangyashan, Heilongjiang Border Detachment fully carry H7N9 bird flu prevention and control work

    2014年03月26日09:13 |
    Shuangyashan March 26 to prevent electrical soldiers infected with H7N9 bird flu in recent days, Shuangyashan, Heilongjiang Public Security Border Defense Corps Detachment officers work closely, real life, strict implementation of routine control measures, effective in ensuring the health and duty soldiers, trained to work normally.   

    The detachment of soldiers to carry out health and disease prevention knowledge through the organization of seminars to help officers understand and grasp the common route of transmission of H7N9 avian influenza and other diseases, preventive measures, prompting officers to develop good health habits and healthy lifestyles, disease prevention officers to further improve awareness and disease prevention capacity, so that "ideology does not relax, not psychological fear" in a positive and healthy attitude into the daily work of learning. Improve emergency plans, organizing epidemic drills. Research Logistics Department to develop a "border detachment Shuangyashan H7N9 bird flu prevention and control of emergency work plan", the sound duty Guard, medical observation, camp sanitation and disinfection system, strengthening the resident health and epidemic prevention departments, hospitals and strengthen communication links, and in accordance with avian influenza prevention plan exercises can be found in the epidemic rapid response, proper disposal. Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection, blocking communication channels.   

    For illness characterized by flu, organization officers and key parts of the camp every day for the kitchen, bathroom, office, etc. thoroughly disinfected, clear health corner, effectively blocking from the source, eliminating the transmission of influenza and other viruses. Pay close attention to procurement, strengthen personnel control. Strict food procurement channels, strict control of poultry food, non-staple food, such as cooked cooking will prevent the disease from the mouth as possible. Concern the majority of soldiers and their families from health start to grasp the physical health officers, soldiers sick requires timely treatment to avoid delay, forbearance, delay treatment of cough, fever, runny nose, flu-like symptoms in patients with fibromyalgia, etc. asked the resident to the hospital immediately, carefully check, so disease prevention bottom, there are several, to ensure that once an outbreak can easily be accommodated.   

    In addition, the detachment also strengthen the H7N9 bird flu collect knowledge and learning efforts, requiring grassroots health workers must be familiar with the clinical manifestations of H7N9 avian influenza diagnostic criteria, treatment principles and protective measures to detect patients to avoid misdiagnosis and reserves necessary disinfection, prevention medicines, protective equipment and part of the treatment drugs, adequate emergency preparedness work. (Qi Lijia Mo Xiao Han)   Author: Mo Xiao Han

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