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China - Heilongjiang - Currently no human cases of avian influenza H7N9 infection

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  • China - Heilongjiang - Currently no human cases of avian influenza H7N9 infection

    Map showing the location of Heilongjiang Province

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    Heilongjiang Province is currently no human cases of avian influenza H7N9 infection occurred

    2014-02-10 16:04:33

    YORK, Feb. 10 news (reporter Rui Shi Gang) since January 2014, some provinces and cities of China's continuous reports of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza. Reporters on the 10th from the provincial health department was informed planning, as of now, no disease cases reported in Heilongjiang Province.
    According to reports, the disease is spread through the respiratory tract or close contact with infected poultry infected secretions or excretions obtained; or through contact with virus-contaminated environments spread to humans; but found that the virus has the ability to effectively human transmission.
    Heilongjiang Province health department attaches great importance to the health of people infected with H7N9 bird flu prevention and control work, recently, has set up a human H7N9 avian influenza infection in the leading group, while the selection of a group of experienced provincial experts, set up a provincial medical treatment Expert Group, Centers for Disease Control Expert Group, the Chinese expert group. Clear HMU a hospital, the hospital, four homes, the provincial hospital, Children's Hospital of Harbin, Harbin hospital for infectious diseases as the provincial hospitals.
    Meanwhile, the start of the fever clinics, medical and health institutions at all levels in Heilongjiang province has increased for suspected human bird flu, unexplained pneumonia, influenza and other epidemics aggregation of vigilance and sensitivity. Located in the province 13 cities (prefectures) and part of the county (district) of 20 influenza sentinel surveillance hospitals, 14 influenza laboratory network provincial and municipal levels, disease prevention and control all started, is actively carried unexplained pulmonary infections and influenza surveillance work, and strive to achieve early detection, early diagnosis, early reports. Once suspicious cases will promptly organize expert consultation, activate the corresponding report required and disposal processes.
    Meanwhile, Heilongjiang province to do the preparatory work sudden outbreaks and emergency disposal. Local health administrative departments and agencies have good health beds health institutions, medical facilities, medicines and other medical supplies and protective preparation and deployment of resources, and ensure the antiviral drugs timely, adequate supply. Implement emergency management personnel.
    It is reported that people infected with H7N9 avian influenza B infectious statutory Heilongjiang Province in the event of human infection with H7N9 bird flu, the Ministry of Health and Family Planning Commission will adhere to the principles of openness and transparency and timely and accurate notification epidemic prevention and control work. Any person other units and individuals through the Internet and other media to spread the infection of H7N9 avian influenza false information is an offense.

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