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Small young men the cold dragged into viral pneumonia doctors: high fever, ultra-days required medical treatment
  2013 04 02 09:45:40

  Al-Hayat, April 2 - Since the spring, a lot of people in Harbin are suffering from a cold. Crop cold virus toxicity, patients are often high fever subsided, delayed healing of the disease, treatment is not timely consolidated complications caused by acute respiratory failure, liver and kidney function damage a few critically ill patients. Doctors advise, high fever for more than two days must go to the hospital for treatment.

  The 22-year-old young man, Wang loves to play games online. Two weeks ago, Wang continuous bubble in the cafe four days later, fever, cough and other symptoms. He casually ate cold medicine, three days after the cold condition aggravated, cough increasingly powerful, are very difficult even to gasp. Wang's family sent him to Jin was admitted four homes in respiratory treatment, after inspection, Wang suffering from viral pneumonia, 50% -60% of the entire lung serious infections, were out of danger after consecutive days of treatment.

  According to Jin was admitted to hospital Respiratory Medicine ward director Professor Jin Shoude crop cold virus is very active and toxicity, severe damage to the respiratory tract of the patient. Since the spring, the section number of patients has almost doubled, the three heavy suffering more than usual, her day admissions up to eight, ninety patients.

Many patients showed heat reclaim, mucosal erosion, bleeding with bacterial infection, severe cases can lead to pneumonia, multiple organ damage and other complications, treatment is very difficult. Jinzhu Ren reminder, spring is the high incidence of the common cold and flu season, the patient should be closely observed early in the cold, low immunity or suffering from respiratory, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases, patients must be vigilant. If a cold two or three days is not better to be promptly to the hospital.