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China - Guangxi added 3 cases of H7N9 in March 24 - 30

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  • China - Guangxi added 3 cases of H7N9 in March 24 - 30

    March 31, the reporter learned from the Autonomous Health Committee, March 24 - 30 at 24 pm, Guangxi reported a total of 3 cases of H7N9 cases, of which 2 cases reported in Guilin City, Hezhou City, a report of 2 cases reported deaths (Hechi City, Yulin City, 1 case), cured 1 case (Yulin City). It is understood that since 2017, Guangxi reported a total of 23 cases of H7N9 cases, 9 cases of death, cured and discharged in 3 cases, the remaining 11 cases in the designated hospital isolation treatment.
     Experts remind the general public, is still in the H7N9 epidemic season, the public should raise awareness of prevention, so do not eat dead poultry, as far as possible to avoid the live poultry market, as little as possible contact with live birds. If there is fever, cough and other cold symptoms, to early treatment, and take the initiative to tell the doctor whether there is recent live contact history, so that doctors early diagnosis and medication. (Reporter Ye Yan Yan)