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China - One new H7N9 avian flu case - Pingshe County, Guangxi province - February 24, 2017 - died

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  • China - One new H7N9 avian flu case - Pingshe County, Guangxi province - February 24, 2017 - died


    Three cases of H7N9 death were reported in Guangxi
    February 25, 2017 11:14 CCTV news client

    The original title: Guangxi reported H7N9 deaths in 3 cases

    According to the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region H7N9 epidemic and prevention and control work Bulletin: February 24, Guangxi reported 1 case of H7N9 cases, patients were Pingshe County, before the onset of eating chicken history, because of critical condition, died by the rescue.

    January 1, 2017 - February 24, Guangxi reported a total of H7N9 cases in 3 cases.

    February 3, 2021 reported in Nanning City, the first input of human infection H7N9 flu cases due to critically ill, was in the February 15 rescue invalid death. This H7N9 avian influenza case patients are Mo Moumou, male, 32 years old, Guiping City, before the onset of work in Guangdong Province.

    February 19, 2017, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Health and Health Committee informed that Nanning City, one case of human infection H7N9 flu cases, the patient is 41 years old, before the onset of farmers in the market for live poultry sales, began fever on February 11, Cough, the condition gradually increased, admitted to the hospital on February 16, 18 confirmed the case of human infection H7N9 cases, due to critical condition, the full rescue was invalid on the 19th at 8 o'clock death. At present, there is no exception to the close contact.

    Nanning live poultry market to take turns to close the recent do not "intimate" contact pigeons

    February 24, the reporter learned from the Nanning City Animal Disease Prevention and Control Headquarters, Nanning City, the main city of live poultry market, will be implemented in a phased implementation of empty column disinfection system, and actively prevent and control H7N9. During the break, the market stopped all live poultry and poultry products trading, and cleaning and disinfection.

    In addition, the Nanchang City Authority City Plaza Management Office decided to temporarily close the National Plaza loft and pigeon vaccination against birds. A square pigeon that does not normally reside in a loft will be prevented by feeding the drug. When the public is playing on the square, do not be "intimate" with the pigeons.

    Guangxi H7N9 epidemic prevention and control work has also aroused the attention of the relevant state departments, February 24, the national joint steering group came to Nanning, Guangxi H7N9 epidemic prevention and control work for a period of 3 days of supervision. (CCTV reporter Liao Mi Liu Chang)
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    As for this case,
    Guangxi HFPC is reporting that the diagnosed date is Feb .24 as is described at her announcement's first line.

    Leishan County is in Guilin city, Guangxi province, the very famous place for sight seeing.

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      From the above link:

      Outbreak and Prevention of H7N9 in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

      Release Date: 2017-02-24 23:45:17 Click:

      2 Yue 24 Ri , I district case report H7N9 cases, patients Pingle County, before the onset of their own eating chicken disease history, due to critical condition, after she died.

      From January 1 to February 24, 2017, 3 cases of H7N9 were reported in our district.

      Autonomous regions and the party committee and government attach great importance to H7N9 epidemic prevention and control work, Peng Qinghua secretary, Chen Wu, respectively, made important instructions, Vice President Huang Zibo personally listened to the epidemic prevention and control work report, organized the joint defense joint control work conference. Autonomous regions and health care departments and the joint defense joint control units to conscientiously implement the National Health and Health Committee and the regional party committee government decision-making arrangements, and actively implement the prevention and control measures to carry out a series of prevention and control work:
      First, earnestly implement the relevant national work arrangements. Since January 2017, the autonomous region health commission and the joint defense member units have issued the "Autonomous Region Health and Health Committee on the further strengthening of H7N9 prevention and control of the notice", "Autonomous Region Health and Health Committee on the current H7N9 medical treatment work to do the notice "," The Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration on the further strengthening of H7N9 prevention and control of the notice "," the Ministry of Agriculture on the Ministry of Agriculture to forward the Ministry of Agriculture to effectively strengthen the H7N9 prevention and control of the notice "," Autonomous Region Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau on the issue of animal H7N9 poultry Influenza emergency monitoring program notice "and other related documents, timely detection of H7N9 epidemic prevention and control work, the region up and down to ensure that the work in place, the policy in place, measures in place.
      Second, give full play to the role of joint defense mechanism, the implementation of source control and other measures. January 17, 2017 and February 20, the autonomous region Health and Health Committee has twice led the organization of the regional defense joint control mechanism of the members of the meeting, February 21 organized the region to deal with the H7N9 epidemic defense joint control work mechanism video conference , Huang Ribo, vice chairman of the meeting and the work of the deployment, requiring departments at all levels to fully understand the current national and regional prevention and control situation and the risk of the epidemic, adhere to the "government-led, departmental linkage, territorial management, source control" Strengthen the joint control and territorial management, to ensure that the source control measures in place, strengthen the diagnosis and treatment work, do the epidemic monitoring and risk assessment; strengthen publicity and education and public opinion guidance, enhance public awareness of disease prevention.
      Third, strengthen technical training, improve the level of prevention and treatment. Autonomous Region Disease Control Center Organization of the region's disease control agencies influenza prevention and control technical staff and sentinel monitoring hospital technical staff to carry out influenza monitoring and control technology training, the region's 14 municipal CDC have been equipped with H7N9 virus laboratory testing ability. January 24, 2017 organized the region's relevant medical and health institutions and designated hospital experts to participate in the national medical treatment training will be held on the afternoon of February 21, the autonomous region health care organization organized the medical staff of the region to carry out H7N9 case training training, cumulative training 3899 Times.
      Fourth, the city linkage, and actively carry out the epidemic disposal. My area after the occurrence of H7N9 epidemic, the autonomous region Health and Health Commission immediately launched a city city linkage response, the patient transferred to the designated hospital for isolation treatment, and the organization of autonomous regions and Nanning, Guilin, the two cities jointly carry out patient treatment. The occurrence of poultry hunting, the disinfection of the epidemic, the implementation of the suspension, to carry out inspections, close contact tracking and health monitoring and other prevention and control of the prevention and control of the implementation of the emergency response, Measures.
      Five is open and transparent timely release of epidemic information, to carry out health education. Autonomous Region Health Health Committee in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the state issued the epidemic information, through the Guangxi Health Health Commission official website, health Bangui WeChat, microblogging and other information platform, extensive H7N9 epidemic prevention and control knowledge publicity, improve the masses, especially aquaculture, market-related personnel And other key groups of H7N9 epidemic prevention and control awareness, and guide the media science coverage of the epidemic, do a good job of risk communication, timely response to social concerns, to prevent social panic.