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China - Suixi County Hospital held H7N9 avian flu drill, Guangdong province - January 31, 2019

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  • China - Suixi County Hospital held H7N9 avian flu drill, Guangdong province - January 31, 2019

    Suixi County Hospital launched an emergency drill for influenza

    At 14:35 on January 31, 2019 Sina Aspect of Huaibei News

    In order to effectively prevent and respond to the outbreak of influenza, and strengthen the ability of medical institutions to respond to public health emergencies related to infectious diseases, on the afternoon of January 24, Suixi County Hospital organized a human infection with H7N9 bird flu. Emergency drills.
    This drill uses the method of on-site desktop deduction, which is divided into four parts: scene simulation, on-site question and answer, expert review, and summary analysis. It simulates the hospital's treatment of a suspected bird flu patient, the patient's treatment, the epidemic report, and the sample. Emergency treatment process of collection, personal protection, health education and publicity. The drills have been repeatedly brewed and discussed from planning to scripting, case selection, and problem design, striving for practicality and operability.
    Through this emergency drill, the emergency coordination ability between various departments of the hospital has been enhanced. At the same time, the medical personnel have further mastered the procedures and methods for emergency prevention and control of influenza epidemic, and effectively improved the actual combat capability of responding to the on-site emergency response of the influenza epidemic. The hospital's infection and prevention of H7N9 bird flu epidemic has played an active role in promoting.

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