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Yangjiang live poultry establishments now closed for two days

2018-01-27 21:03 Source: Yangjiang Radio and Television

Recently, relevant functional departments found positive for H7N9 virus in the environmental testing of live poultry establishments, so as to prevent and control the outbreak and reduce the risk of public infection. Today (January 27) from 0:00, the city's live poultry establishments to implement a temporary suspension.

This morning, the reporter came to the market in Jinwan and Cao Cao markets in the city. He saw that all the stalls operating live poultry were locked and the operation was stopped. The live poultry bar has also been emptied, with notice of a temporary break on the wall.

Golden Bay Market Manager Li Meng Chang: received a notification to our superiors immediately notify all businesses, all live poultry clean-up, zero column. Public health, all disinfection. Next, in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government, we will continue to be closed and all aspects of health work should continue to be strengthened.

Although the live poultry market was closed, the sale of "chilled" poultry stalls opened their doors in a normal manner, attracting many members of the public. Most people said the live poultry rest did not have much impact.

Public: rarely eat these things, anyway, a day or two does not matter, stop does not matter.

Citizens: usually buy the whole just to buy live, buy less to buy this kill, of course, have an impact. Want to eat fresh, but stop for two days is acceptable.

It is understood that at present, H7N9 prevention and control has entered a critical period, in order to effectively do our city H7N9 epidemic prevention and control work to reduce the risk of public infection, the Municipal People's Government issued a public notice decided to the city live poultry market to implement a temporary break, the rest time For the next two days. Announcement made it clear that during the rest period, all the live poultry market in the city shall not deal with live poultry, to empty the stock of live poultry stalls, and do a good job in the business premises and transport tools, cleaning, disinfection work.

Text: Zhu Yu Philippines

Camera: Liu Depeng

[Editor: Liang Sheng]