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China - Enping City to restrict live poultry trade to prevent H7N9 human infections, Guangdong province

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  • China - Enping City to restrict live poultry trade to prevent H7N9 human infections, Guangdong province

    Enping Center City live poultry management restricted area range
    Jinjiang Avenue - Pingdong Middle School - Wo Laoshan - Sunshine New Town east planning road - Xinping North Road -325 State Road - Jixiang Road - Xinping South Road - Fairy River - Longquan Road - Six Bay Creek - Six Bay Village Road East - Xi'an Village Road - Fengshan Road - Long Beach Road - Tea Village Road - Enping Avenue
    According to the province, Jiangmen City in the city center to carry out poultry "concentrated slaughtering, cold chain distribution, fresh listing" unified deployment, Enping City, combined with the actual decision since October 31 this year, the central city of the Densely populated areas are included in the scope of restricted areas of live poultry management, live poultry trade is prohibited, poultry "concentrated slaughtering, cold chain distribution, fresh market". On the afternoon of September 6th, Enping city government organized a press conference to brief the work on the work, and answered a reporter's question.
    Restricted area does not allow live poultry trade
    Reporters learned that, after screening, Enping selected Dongan bird Tsai Shan and Jiangnan Zhongnan District (pavilion) for Enping live poultry wholesale market and poultry focus slaughter point. Enping city government will be the live poultry wholesale market and the concentration of slaughtering point of the construction side to give subsidies, that is, before October 28, 2017 completed and put into operation, give the financial prize of 500,000 yuan.
    At present, the relevant aspects are carrying out live poultry wholesale market and poultry focus slaughter point construction of the preliminary work. In the construction of poultry focus slaughtering point, Enping Agricultural Bureau will give guidance to help build a rational, fully functional and well-developed poultry centralized slaughtering point.
    Enping City Food and Drug Administration Secretary Liang Guoguang said that on October 31, Enping live poultry management within the restricted area of ​​the implementation of poultry "concentrated slaughter, cold chain distribution, fresh listing", live poultry management area is no longer set up Live poultry retail market, restrictions on all farmers (meat) market, shopping malls supermarkets, food service units and other places of business to prohibit the operation and slaughter of chickens, ducks, geese, pigeon, quail and other artificial feeding for edible Of live birds. Live poultry farmed at the farmer's home can still be sold in the live poultry market outside the restricted area.
    The meeting pointed out that the next step, Enping City, the relevant departments will perform their duties according to law, to carry out joint law enforcement to the area of ​​the farmers market as the focus, to carry out comprehensive supervision and inspection, to prevent unauthorized quarantine poultry into the market. At the same time, urging poultry business operators to seriously implement the purchase inspection, cable card, entry and marketing accounts and other management system to ensure that the source of poultry legitimate, traceable, is strictly prohibited to provide quarantine certification of poultry sales, to protect the public can eat safe, Healthy, rest assured poultry.
    In addition, Enping City will strengthen the training of grass-roots medical personnel, to carry out epidemic assessment and risk assessment, strengthen medical treatment, strengthen social propaganda and public opinion guidance, and further improve the human infection H7N9 epidemic prevention and control work to protect the safety of the people.
    Farm market Poultry stalls need to be modified
    In order to tie in with the poultry "concentrated slaughter, cold chain distribution, fresh listing", Enping City farmers market operators required by October 31 before the completion of the market within the poultry business stalls transformation, otherwise, can not operate fresh poultry.
    Enping City Market Supervision Bureau Li Lixin said that Enping has been on the transformation of poultry business stalls made a clear request, operating stalls used in building materials should meet the health requirements, should lay a good sewer, the ground to be flat, console, Of the flat to be uniform, to be equipped with independent water, electricity, lighting and sterilization equipment, sales facilities to meet the health requirements, at least with a refrigeration equipment. Among them, equipped with refrigeration equipment to meet the relevant technical specifications, there must be a temperature display device, to ensure that fresh poultry products have been in the 0-4 ℃ under refrigeration conditions.
    It is understood that, for the smooth implementation of this work, Enping City has also introduced a subsidy policy: the unity of the live poultry (including behalf of the slaughter), light poultry business stalls converted into fresh poultry stalls market operators, one-time A stall subsidy of 5,000 yuan; not to upgrade, one-time subsidy of each stall 3,000 yuan, the original stalls may not be sold live birds. One-time subsidy of 5,000 yuan; not modified or transferred, one-time subsidy of 3,000 yuan; on the farmer's market of live poultry (including the poultry in the farmer's market) On behalf of the slaughter of the operator one-time subsidy of 5,000 yuan; on the farmer's market within the light poultry operators and farmer's market around the live poultry (including the generation of slaves) operators, one-time subsidy of 5,000 yuan; , Light poultry operators to switch (operating other products), one-time subsidy of 3,000 yuan. (Text / map Zhou Xiaoying)