Baiyun District Tula Township five measures simultaneously guard against H7N9 epidemic
Xinhua (2017-04-19)
Source: Press Center of Baiyun District: Qu Ming
Recently, the town of Duyun District, Baiyun District to increase prevention and control efforts, conscientiously implement the source control measures, together to block the import and transmission of the epidemic, prevent people infected with H7N9 avian influenza outbreak. Up to now, the township within the jurisdiction of the farmers did not occur with H7N9 epidemic.
First, the epidemic routine investigation. The township from the beginning of January, the daily 7 villages within the jurisdiction of a total of 648 households (including the size of farmers) for routine H7N9 epidemic investigation, and daily inspection statistics; the second is live poultry vaccines. The township epidemic prevention and control center on the area of ​​farmers to carry out mandatory live poultry vaccination, to prevent in the first place; third is the control of live poultry. The township strictly control the control of live poultry trading, the area of ​​farmers market, catch the field to strictly control, health supervision, and strengthen the disinfection to prevent the disease poultry poultry into the market, the weekly disinfection area of ​​about 450 square meters; four health education Publicity. The township of farmers from time to time to carry out aquaculture health education activities, publicity guide farmers health, health aquaculture; five is the focus of health remediation. The use of means to include dead animals, dead, burning, high temperature disinfection, the use of disinfectant disinfection areas of large areas to prevent the death of live poultry pollution of the environment.