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China - Officials deny human H7N9 bird flu cases in: Shanghai & Shaanxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Heilongjiang provinces

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  • China - Officials deny human H7N9 bird flu cases in: Shanghai & Shaanxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Heilongjiang provinces

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    Shanghai and Shaanxi provinces and more doctors infected H7N9 death rumor rumors
    At 11:01 on August 1, 2014 People's Daily Online Comments jackpot (3 participants) Collect this article
    Guangning Propaganda Department official microblogging screenshotGuangning Propaganda Department official microblogging screenshot
      People, Beijing, August 1 (by Tian Xue) Recently, the "human infection H7N9" message is repeated many spread. In this regard, Heilongjiang, Shaanxi, Shanghai and other places have official rumor clarification.

      July 31, Health and Family Planning Commission of Heilongjiang Province officially released the news that recently has spread in parts of H7N9 cases in Heilongjiang province's message through new media such as micro-channel, monitored by the Health and Family Planning Commission of Heilongjiang Province, this year so far this year, Heilongjiang No cases of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza, the information is untrue remarks.

      The same day, Guangdong and Zhejiang Xianju County Guangning were also rumors to avoid mass panic. Guangning Propaganda Department official microblogging said, "July 30, users publish 'widely County People's Hospital yesterday four twenty-one H7N9 infection occurs due to the death of the patient, the doctor involved in the rescue has been isolated' posts, causing Internet users concerned. investigation, the above post is purely rumor, public security departments have been involved in the investigation on the matter. "

      Zhejiang Xianju county government press office, said the official micro, July 28, Xianju County Health Department issued a statement rumor, rumor said the news network transmission. Currently, Xianju police in the investigation.

      Earlier, on July 29, Baoji City Public Security Bureau have been punished for spreading rumors of H7N9 local users, according to the briefing, said: "The recent circle of friends in the micro-channel spread on 'Baoji City People's Hospital physician who has gestational deaths due to H7N9 infection 'The rumors are purely false information, the majority of users do not believe rumors, not to spread rumors. this message in May this year the city has someone spread investigation by public security organs of a deer on the communicators, progenitor of a security shall be punished according to law. "

      July 22, Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau official microblogging recent "Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital doctors for H7N9 death" to clarify the news, saying "Shanghai people infected with H7N9 did not happen recent bird flu, but no deaths, please the majority of people do not believe rumors do not pass rumors. "

      In January this year, the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau has informed, Shanghai Pudong Cape surgeon in a hospital suffering from H7N9 Moumou on January 18 after she died. According to reports, January 4 patients who stay at home parents, next door neighbor feeding pigeons; hospital where the patient has a diagonally opposite a live bird markets transactions, 10 days before the onset of influenza cases no history of direct contact. And after this, there have been many rumors conveyed "the doctor infected H7N9 deaths."

      For some time, the news about H7N9 much attention and concern. Therefore, the relevant rumors continue to breed, "truth" column again reminded users, not hearsay, rumor bulk transfer rumors, relevant information to the official release prevail.