Bulletin of the health and family planning Commission of Guangdong Province, March 14, 1 new cases of human infection in Shenzhen H7N9 avian flu confirmed cases. Case-Lee, male, 57 years old, Xian in Shaanxi Province who now lives in Futian District. March 13-confirmed human infection H7N9 avian influenza cases, patients currently in critical condition, admitted to Sentinel hospitals in Shenzhen. December 18, 2013, a cure was discharged on March 10 confirmed cases beams in Yangjiang city. Jiangmen February 22 confirmed cases in more than a cure was discharged on March 6. Foshan March 4 confirmed cases and where a cure was discharged on March 13. Guangzhou February 6 confirmed cases of beams on March 11, died of multiple organ failure.