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China - Gansu province held 2 day H7N9 prevention and control training program for medical workers - April 18, 2017

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  • China - Gansu province held 2 day H7N9 prevention and control training program for medical workers - April 18, 2017

    H7N9 epidemic prevention and control training courses in Gansu Province to raise the level of prevention and control of medical and health personnel

    Source: Lanzhou Evening News editor: Liu Mingde Published: 2017-04-18 07:49 [Select size: Tai Zhong small ]

      For the effective response to the H7N9 epidemic, to further improve the province's medical and health personnel to prevent N7N9 outbreak of the ability and level, a comprehensive emergency response work, the provincial health workers in the April 11-12 held the whole The province H7N9 epidemic prevention and control of public health risk assessment work training courses, 14 city, 24 counties (cities, districts) CDC staff participated in the training; on April 14 held the province H7N9 Epidemic prevention and control training courses, 14 municipalities, Gansu mining health care committee in charge of the leadership, the People's Hospital respiratory department, infectious disease, hospital, pediatric, intensive care unit, the head of the Chinese medicine department were trained. A total of more than 260 participants attended the training course.
      Training courses invited the first hospital in Lanzhou University, Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and the provincial CDC experts on H7N9 cases of clinical treatment, intensive care, isolation and protection, treatment of H7N9 cases of children, H7N9 cases of clinical treatment of Chinese medicine and H7N9 epidemic prevention and control Program and other content to explain in detail, the experts combined with the province confirmed H7N9 case, a careful analysis of the H7N9 epidemic epidemic situation, the province is currently facing the risk of the epidemic, focusing on the clinical features of H7N9 epidemic, epidemiology, diagnostic criteria, Treatment, disinfection and isolation, personal protection and other medical and prevention and control knowledge, as well as epidemic monitoring and reporting and so on. (Chief reporter Tian Xiaodong)