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China - Media report: 3 H7N9 confirmed cases in Fujian province - February 6, 2016

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  • China - Media report: 3 H7N9 confirmed cases in Fujian province - February 6, 2016

    (,, Taipei 6th) issued a press release today said that the Mainland Affairs Council, added another 3 city, Fujian province H7N9-confirmed cases, parties are requested to include Fujian a yellow travel alert area. Press release pointed out that Mainland Affairs Council of the Executive Yuan according to the disease control Department of the Ministry of health and welfare decided with immediate effect to include city, Fujian province, in a yellow travel alert area. Remind people to visit Lu Yingte don't of travel safety, strengthen their own health care and to remain vigilant. Mainland Affairs Council said the County Center for disease control announced on 5th January-confirmed 28 cases of H7N9 determined cases, which appeared for the first time after the autumn of last year, Fujian province H7N9 influenza cases in provinces and cities, 3 new cases of H7N9 determined case for 2 girls and 1 boy, ages of 50-65 years old, all have a history of contact with live birds. At present, 1 dead and 1 symptom is severe and 1 is mild. Press release quoted CDC Department announced now Fujian Provincial Tourism recommends that the level of the epidemic to the next level 'warning' (Alert).

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    My guess is that those are 3 cases for January. We have one listed one of those cases.

    #710 - 1 new case announced in government media on January 19, Fujian province

    I do not see anything on the Fujian province site but I have made a general note on our case list regarding the probable cases in China for January:

    Provisional comment: There have been several indicators that the total case number for January 2016 will be 28. We have 15 cases already listed above. It appears we will be adding 13 more cases when the China HFPC report is issued in a few days. This will bring the total number of cases to 731. link