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China - Beijing - Girl, 7, hospitalized confirmed H7N9

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    Re: China - Beijing - Girl, 7, hospitalized confirmed H7N9

    Translation Google

    The vulnerability of children exactly how to prevent H7N9 viruses

    2013 05 14, 2011 08:32 Source: Health News network   

    Since February 2013, the number of provinces and cities in China have reported confirmed cases of human infection with the H7N9 avian influenza, and are sporadic cases. Based on the available evidence, the risk of infection is mainly concentrated in the live poultry market, the future of China is likely to further sporadic cases. Some experts said that there is no evidence that children's H7N9 infection is low.
    Children vulnerable to viruses
    Beijing confirmed the first case of H7N9 cases, for example, is a seven-year-old girl, parents engaged in live poultry slaughtering but not suffering from H7N9, she was infected. After analysis, it may be because of the incomplete development of the children themselves, the resistance in terms of relative adult lower, more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria infection.
    Then the children how to prevent the H7N9 virus? This has led to the widespread concern of the parents. Experts believe that should do the day-to-day health prevention work, start from the details of life.
    Prevent details from the start
    Now is a good time to travel, but more outskirts of birds and other poultry, may wish to temporarily give up travel plans to reduce the chance of the child direct contact with poultry; crowded public places, poor air quality, let the children go to crowded public places should be avoided; maintain a home ventilation, fresh air; let the children do wash their hands, and pay attention to the amount of movement, in order to enhance its own resistance; take in adequate nutrition , not picky eaters, the partial eclipse, in order to meet the development needs of the body. At the same time, we should uphold the early detection, early reporting, early diagnosis and early treatment of principle, as a child, once the abnormal symptoms such as fever, cough, should seek immediate medical attention . In the course of medical treatment in case of sampling inspection, do not panic.

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    Re: China - Beijing - Girl, 7, hospitalized confirmed H7N9

    Town With No Fowl Shows Consequences of China?s Bird Flu Threat

    By Bloomberg News - May 8, 2013 8:43 PM CT

    In the village on the outskirts of Beijing where a 7-year-old girl became the Chinese capital?s first bird flu patient, poultry are conspicuous by their absence.

    Authorities culled chickens and shut live poultry stalls to limit human exposure to farmed birds, which scientists believe are the most probable reservoir of the new H7N9 influenza strain. In the village of Gucheng, 20 kilometers (12 miles) northeast of central Beijing, the only source of chicken readily available to residents is in a supermarket that?s a 30-minute bus ride away.
    ?We are very well, our daughter is going to school now and we want life to go back to normal,? said the father, who only wanted to be identified by his surname Yao, when reached on his mobile phone.

    The native of Hebei province said he no longer sells chickens and will instead seek odd jobs to support his family.
    At a gate leading into the village, two security guards inspect vehicles to ensure they?re not carting in live poultry. Decontaminants are sprayed twice daily and hawkers are barred from setting up stalls on the sides of the main street, forcing some to sell their merchandise from the rooms they sleep in.

    The single-room home of the 7-year-old girl is unoccupied. Through a window, a poster can be seen hanging on a wall, warning about the dangers of H7N9. A commercial refrigerator stands in the middle of the 20-square-meter large room beside a metal bed on which blankets and pillows are neatly stacked.

    The Yao family hasn?t been seen in the village for weeks since the girl was discharged from hospital last month after falling sick on April 11, said Zheng Jie, a neighbor.

    ?They?ve moved away,? Zheng said as she squatted by a communal tap to wash a pot outside her home. ?Many other families are also moving away.
    It?s become very quiet.?
    Full text:

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    Re: China - Beijing - Girl, 7, hospitalized confirmed H7N9

    Translation Google

    Xinhua NewsNews >

    Beijing first case of H7N9 avian influenza patients will be discharged on the 17th

    April 16, 2013 22:03:01
    Source: Xinhua

    Xinhua, Beijing, April 16 (Reporter Zhu Dongyang, Ya-Hong) first case of H7N9 bird flu Yaomou discharged home on the 17th. Beijing Municipal Health Bureau held a press conference in Beijing Ditan Hospital on the 16th: Yaomou currently meet discharge criteria developed by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, is expected tomorrow can arrange discharged.

    Beijing Ditan Hospital, vice president, into the military spokesman said, Yaomou after 6 days hospitalized, the current temperature is normal, lung breath sounds clear review blood has been completely restored to normal.
    Due Yaomou three consecutive times on April 14, the 15th and the 16th, the H7N9 avian influenza virus nucleic acid testing negative is now disabled on her Tamiflu anti-viral treatment.

    Zhongdong Bo, Deputy Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau spokesman said the hospitals have been organized from the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Xuanwu Hospital, and many other experts Yaomou consultation expected Yaomou will be discharged at 15 o'clock on the 17th. In addition, parents of Yaomou as close contacts, through monitoring and inspections, currently no clinical symptoms, will also be released on the 17th medical observation, discharged simultaneously with Yaomou.

    In addition, Beijing has taken the initiative to screening monitoring found one cases of human infection with the H7N9 avian flu virus carriers, Beijing Ditan Hospital to receive medical observation. Chen Zhihai, Ditan Hospital, director of infection, the H7N9 avian flu virus carriers twice nucleic acid testing negative, the state is relatively stable, will soon be the end of the medical observation.

    Since April 1, Beijing cumulative monitoring avian flu high-risk population 633,667 people. Zhongdong Bo said, due to of poultry contact with Beijing found confirmed cases of H7N9 avian influenza has history, is still no conclusive evidence to show that the H7N9 avian flu will infect humans. In response to a reporter's question, Zhongdong Bo denied that the say rising temperatures north of the avian influenza virus may cause.

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  • Giuseppe
    Re: China - Beijing - Girl, 7, hospitalized confirmed H7N9

    Source: Infeng (in Chinese):



    There are rumors that the first case of parents of children with a weak positive nucleic acid detection?

    Zhongdong Bo:

    As of now, the first confirmed cases of parents is no clinical symptoms.

    Health sector, its detection, stable test results to the community.

    If it is not sure the message will not be published.



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  • Shiloh
    Re: China - Beijing - Girl, 7, hospitalized confirmed H7N9


    Beijing girl infected with H7N9 recovering 2013-04-15 21:45:46

    BEIJING, April 15 (Xinhua) -- A seven-year-old girl in Beijing who was the first person in China's capital to test positive for the H7N9 bird flu has started to recover, local health authorities said Monday.

    The child, surnamed Yao, has been transferred from the intensive care unit to a regular ward in the infectious disease department of Beijing Ditan Hospital, according to the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau.

    Over the past few days, the girl has been recovering and her temperature has stabilized, the bureau said, adding that she is no longer exhibiting respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms...

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    Re: China - Beijing - Girl, 7, hospitalized confirmed H7N9

    Beijing's 1st H7N9 patient came in contact with Tianjin chickens

    Monday, Apr 15, 2013
    China Daily/Asia News Network
    By Cheng Yingqi

    CHINA - Beijing's first confirmed case of H7N9 - a 7-year-old girl from Shunyi district - came into contact with poultry shipped from Tianjin before being infected, authorities said.

    The girl's parents, who are poultry dealers, bought chicken in Tianjin to sell to villagers in Beijing's Shunyi and Chaoyang districts, said an animal health inspection official in Shunyi surnamed Ding.
    The girl's father Yao Jiang took over the poultry business from another villager on April 2, and inherited chickens and some tools from the dealer. On April 4 Yao bought another 60 chickens from Tianjin.

    Later, Yao sold 29 chickens in Shunyi and Chaoyang, and killed two for home consumption.

    "On the morning of April 11, I found my child had a fever, and I soon remembered H7N9, which I saw from TV, so I took her to the hospital," Yao was quoted as saying by Beijing Youth Daily.

    "But I'm still not sure she caught H7N9 from our chickens, because I had killed chickens, cooked chicken and ate chicken, and I'm still fine. But my girl had never touched the chickens. She stood at least one or two steps away from the chickens watching them," he said.

    Yao and his wife are now quarantined at home.

    A dealer surnamed Tai who lives in Baodi district in Tianjin, said he had sold chickens to Yao. The chickens were from a farm in Wuqing district of Tianjin.
    The Tianjin government tested Tai's chickens and chickens at the farm in Wuqing. No H7N9 virus was detected.

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    Re: China - Beijing - Girl, 7, hospitalized confirmed H7N9

    Translation Google

    Tianjin activator H7N9 avian flu prevention and control emergency mechanism

    Source: China Youth Daily Published :2013 -04-15 10:23:34

    Tianjin found no human infection with the H7N9 avian influenza

    Tianjin Municipal Government announced today that the city has not found the H7N9 avian influenza. On April 13, Chinese animal disease prevention and control center notification to the aspects of the Tianjin, Beijing and the H7N9 avian flu Yaomou sale of live poultry purchased from Tianjin, Tianjin Health disease control, animal husbandry and veterinary departments rushed to the scene immediately organized, in conjunction with the local authorities, to trace poultry sources and sample detection, epidemiological investigations and sampling and testing of poultry practitioners to carry out emergency work.

    It is understood, the the Baodi operation live chickens traders Tai, a more than 50 had the business households Shunyi District, Beijing Yaomou sales of live poultry on April 4. Group of live poultry from Wuqing Hebei Tuen a chicken farm, the slaughter when all the strict quarantine, no exceptions. Tianjin Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of Animal Disease Control Center personnel Tai in a place of business and Wuqing District, the chicken farm to take samples of laboratory testing, all samples were negative for H7N9 avian influenza detection. Animal epidemic prevention personnel Tai certain internal and external environment, as well as the Wuqing the chicken farm environment disinfection, temporary quarantine measures taken control of personnel and vehicles to wander in and out, all flocks all closed sales. Tianjin Public Health Bureau of CDC experts rushed to the high-risk poultry storage point and aquaculture point, certain practitioners of Tai epidemiological investigation, sampling, implementation of a week-long medical observation, carried out in a home on Tai terminally disinfection, and the village residents' health status investigation. People infected with the H7N9 bird flu virus detected by the the Tianjin CDC laboratory for all samples, and the results were negative, village residents in the health status of investigation also found no anomalies.

    Since April 4, Tianjin start animal H7N9 avian flu prevention and control emergency mechanism city's spring and anti-compulsory vaccination work has been completed, the H5N1 avian influenza immunization density reaches 100%, cumulative monitoring of H7N9 avian influenza the etiology sample 1429 copies covering farms, slaughterhouses, zoos, pigeons in public squares, flowers, birds, fish and insects market as well as reservoir wetland birds, and all the results were negative. 59500 troubleshooting farm households, livestock and poultry 30,610,000 (only) and found no abnormalities; disinfecting farms, slaughterhouses and other places of 69.78 million square meters. The city banned live poultry market transactions, to clean up the illegal business booth 122. Health disease control departments to improve the prevention and control work plans, strengthen surveillance, good medical care and material reserves, the corporate training and drills, strengthening sectoral joint prevention and control and carry out health promotion.

    Tianjin Municipal Government, said the city has not yet found that people infected with the H7N9 bird flu cases, livestock epidemics in the city also found no abnormalities. (Reporter Zhang)

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  • Treyfish
    Re: China - Beijing - Girl, 7, hospitalized confirmed H7N9

    The Beijing old village girls infected with H7N9 control the whole village
    ..The southern end of the old village streets, the main gateway of the villagers out of the village, has obvious archway archway with iron gates, but usually does not close. As for the northern end of the part of export and other alleys, with an iron gate, but usually have never closed.
    However, since the village surnamed Yao girls identified as infected with H7N9, all entrances of the old village has 1 to 2 security personnel guarded and out all required registration documents, write your name, license plate number and visited object. Village outsiders want to enter, if not answer the visits to the object, it will be rejected into the village...

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  • Catbird
    Re: China - Beijing - Girl, 7, hospitalized confirmed H7N9

    There still seems to be some confusion about this but the possibility is worth noting.

    2 media sources report that the mother was taken to the hospital with fever. However, the Beijing Health Bureau states that the parents were taken to the hospital to be with their sick, but now improving, child.

    Source: x

    "The Beijing H7N9 patients home furniture evacuated security duty outside
    Apr. 14, 2013

    ...Yesterday afternoon, the village transferred to a truck, some wearing masks security team into the house, move out the furniture Yaomou home full. The furniture not many, some tables and chairs. The original front of a small fish pond, was carried on the truck. 18:15 or so, the truck pulled away. In front of the remains more than four security guards on duty to prevent pedestrians near. The villagers said that the night before and noon yesterday, are there people ever seen father of Yaomou, looks pretty good mental state. Yesterday afternoon, especially after the move, there is no longer seen parents go out Yaomou.

    ...Next to the first case of H7N9 patients rental housing, a barber, boss know little neighbor thing. According to the village cadres, after the incident, the patient himself and his mother was sent to the hospital for isolation and treatment, and the father of the child is isolated home. "

    Source: x

    "The first case of H7N9 parents of children sent to Ditan Hospital
    2013-04-14 21:22 Source: Beijing News

    Core Tip: The first case of H7N9 in children mother yesterday afternoon fever phenomenon, then was sent to Ditan Hospital for treatment, afternoon children father was sent to Ditan Hospital, no physical abnormalities, but did not inform the reasons.

    Evening, reporters from the the Shunyi official was informed that the first case of H7N9 in children with mothers Beijing yesterday afternoon fever phenomenon, is then sent to Ditan Hospital for treatment, is now in good condition. Her husband yesterday said "we are husband and everything is normal." Reply reporters SMS. The Shunyi official introduction, this afternoon, the children with the father was sent to Ditan Hospital, no physical abnormalities, but did not give any reasons."

    ETA: H/T to Laidback Al for providing a translation of the microblog post in the picture.

    "machine translation of the infographic above

    April 13 'appears briefly at the gates of the first children's father 1TTH9 avian Qi' has been looked down
    Mobile phones and staff speak 'Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing m 0 ^ H? H9 parents of children sent to Ditan Hospital
    Beijing first Iraq - the mother of the children sent to Ditan Hospital yesterday afternoon because body heat '
    Treatment 'morning Zuo temperature has dropped to 35.8 degrees' children father today is also sent to Ditan medical
    Hospitals' body Zuo without exception,
    In the evening, the reporter learned from Shunyi official H7N9 children's mother Ms. Gao yesterday
    15:00 'by airport Hospital (local) health monitoring' found fever phenomenon '
    Zuo temperature of 37.3 degrees, followed by 'Miss Gao Shunyi District 120 sent to Ditan Hospital treatment', according to the referral
    Shao, around 11:00 today, Zuo temperature fell to 35.8 degrees, and is currently in good condition. Yesterday under
    Afternoon about 3:30, 'her husband Mr. Yao returned to the Beijing News reporter said in a reply message, "We are Cardiff
    Rustic everything is normal ", Shunyi official introduction 'afternoon' Mr. Yao also Shunyi District 120 sent
    Ditan Hospital, the body Zuo no abnormal 'but did not inform their reasons was rushed to the hospital'
    "The girl did not Piper is a big winner 'other people might say that my point is (back), I am not that
    Why think this morning, Mr. Yao is again on Beijing News reporters SMS. As for the ancient city of lining within
    Another of eating a couple of Mr. Yao trafficking in live poultry the Shunyi official introduction, has taken the focus concept
    Measured (not medical observation), daily morning and evening weigh temperature 'duo Zuo temperature normal' no give me a common sense
    Conditions, (Beijing News reporter pry Luyang)"

    And here is the official denial/explanation.

    Source: x

    "Beijing Health Bureau denied the first case
    2013 04 14, 2010 22:44 Xinhua Viewpoint,

    Beijing Municipal Health Bureau said at 22:00 on the 14th, the first case of H7N9 avian influenza patients Yaomou parents have been forwarded to the hospital , but not hospitalized. "Yaomou only 7 years old, miss their parents for humane reasons, we allow Yaomou parents to the hospital to continue to receive medical isolation observed no abnormal symptoms present Yaomou parents." (Ya-Hong, Wang Xiaojie)

    (Original title: The first case of H7N9 patients parents were transferred to hospital, but not hospitalization)"
    Last edited by Catbird; April 14, 2013, 02:36 PM. Reason: eta

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  • Giuseppe
    Re: China - Beijing - Girl, 7, hospitalized confirmed H7N9

    [Source: RTHK, full page: (LINK). Automatic translation from Chinese.]

    H7N9, Beijing: A relative of the first city birdflu case reportedly hospitalized

    2013-04-15 HKT 00:09


    The first confirmed cases in Beijing, the 7-year-old girl sick condition improved. Mainland media reported that the girl's mother the day before yesterday afternoon fever and subsequently sent to Ditan Hospital for treatment. Yesterday afternoon, the girl's father also sent to Ditan Hospital, temporarily unknown reason.


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    Re: China - Beijing - Girl, 7, hospitalized confirmed H7N9

    4/14/2013 @ 1:14PM

    Neighboring City Of Tianjin Linked To Beijing's 1st H7N9 Bird Flu Case -- Report

    Chickens sold by the parents of the seven-year-old girl identified as Beijing?s first H7N9 bird flu victim were purchased in the neighboring city of Tianjin, the China Youth Daily newspaper reported on Sunday.

    The girl?s family, surnamed Yao, was described as traders of live chickens when her illness was disclosed on Saturday...

    The girl?s parents, who live in the village of Gucheng in Beijing?s Shunyi district, haven?t been diagnosed as carrying H7N9, according to state media.

    The girl has been hospitalized and was reported to be in stable condition.

    In the days leading up to the daughter?s illness, the parents sold 73 chickens ?29 chickens in Beijing?s Chaoyang and Shunyi districts, plus 44 in Gucheng.

    They also consumed two themselves...
    Tianjin is a major manufacturing hub for China?s aerospace industry, with investments by Airbus among others.

    Full text:
    Chickens sold by the parents of the seven-year-old girl identified as Beijing’s first H7N9 bird flu victim were purchased in the neighboring city of Tianjin, the China Youth Daily newspaper reported on Sunday. China Youth Daily (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The girl’s family, surnamed Yao, was described as traders of live chickens when [...]

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  • Catbird
    Re: China - Beijing - Girl, 7, hospitalized confirmed H7N9

    As mentioned in some of the articles posted above, the father had reported that he had purchased the live chickens that he sold from a farm in Tianjin.

    Machine translation:

    "Tianjin Quarantine Beijing H7N9 patients families live poultry source not found the epidemic

    2013-04-14 13:08:58 Source: CCTV

    CCTV News: Tianjin: not found the epidemic] Yesterday, the Beijing confirmed the first case of human infection of H7N9 avian influenza, the patient was a 7-year-old girl, parents engaged in trafficking in live poultry. After verification, live birds originated in Tianjin. Was news, the Tianjin CDC and other related departments overnight Baodi, the Wuqing farms, also is the ill family source of live poultry, quarantine, and the result is negative, is not aware of the epidemic."


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  • tetano
    Re: China - Beijing - Girl, 7, hospitalized confirmed H7N9

    Beijing first case H7N9 bird flu confirmed patient condition gets better

    Beijing CSC said on the 14th, the first case person who Beijing diagnosed on the 13th infected the H7N9 bird flu patient condition to change for the better. Confirmed that 2 close contacts, and takes the medical inspection measure to them, at present 2 close contacts have not discovered unusually. The patients are occupied by all villagers and patients in village have not currently had the flu type symptom to report in the school. Reporter Li Yahong

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  • Gert van der Hoek
    Re: H7N9, China: Cumulative number of today confirmed and suspected cases (April 14 2013): 2 cases / 0 deaths (Total 51 / 11)

    Mother of the Bejing girl with H7N9 "sent to hospital"

    The little girl Yao seems to do very well. Her mother apparently is ill, no diagnose published.

    Yao mother body is no exception

    In addition, the reporter from Shunyi authorities learned round father made yesterday want to change to a more comfortable and peaceful place to be isolated, at present he has been transferred. Round mother yesterday because of illness, have been sent to hospital for examination, has yet to discover any other abnormality.
    machinetranslation from:

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  • Catbird
    Re: China - Beijing - Girl, 7, hospitalized confirmed H7N9

    Further details. The article includes 2 photos which are captioned as follows:

    Machine translation

    Photo of security guard sitting in front of family home: "Yesterday, the ancient city center of the village street, parents of H7N9 patients were asked at home under medical observation for seven days, in front of the Security turns on duty."

    Photo of security guard at gate to enter neighborhood: "Yesterday, the the old village Shunyi houshayu town entrance has a security duty, visiting vehicles and personnel need to be registered."


    "The the Beijing H7N9 patients father drove the woman to a doctor CDC: anticipatory awareness

    Apr. 14, 2013

    Source: Beijing News

    "Thank you, we are husband and wife as usual!"

    Beijing first case of H7N9 confirmed cases of the girl's father, Mr. Yao, the the 20 square MenLianFang within living to the Beijing News reporter sent a text message.

    12:30 yesterday, he did not wear masks, standing on the doorstep. Xiao Yao, a 7-year-old daughter has been confirmed as infected with the H7N9 avian flu, he and his wife also started at 9 o'clock last night in the house under medical observation.

    At the same time, Houshayu Town, the ancient city of village , Shunyi District, where they begin embattled.

    Beijing prevention and control of major animal diseases headquarters, the village sampling the poultry blood sample test results show that the serological tests were negative, all negative pathogen detection.

    Girls after the onset of his father to drive to go to the hospital

    The old village center street about 1 km north-south direction, with dozens of shops located on both sides of the street, selling things, including all kinds of daily necessities and agricultural by-products.

    Yaojia the MenLianFang is located in the southern section of Center Street, about 20 square meters the, Mr. Yao couples and daughter usually choked here. The front of the house during the day, Mr. Yao support from the stalls, selling live chickens.

    "How good a few days gone to selling chickens home girl?" Yesterday, in the the Yaojia booth next to sell toilet paper Mr. Lu said, think of the recent Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places in downtown avian flu, he vaguely a little worried, but not dare to think about until yesterday's news that Xiao Yao was diagnosed infected with H7N9.

    Shunyi District Health Board issued a report showed that for the matter of disposal, Mr. Yao couple Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, came to Beijing 10 years ago, Xiao Yao is also born in Beijing.

    April 2, the family was moved to the old village center street after the family has been living 4 Village in Shunyi District Gaoliying,.

    6 o'clock on the morning of April 11, Xiao Yao to get up on time. 7-year-old she in a primary Gaoliying read a grade vaccinated with seasonal influenza vaccine.

    No obvious incentive, the child suddenly began to cough, eye discharge. Upon seeing this, Mr. Yao feel engaged in live poultry transactions necessary to bring her to the hospital for examination.

    To Zhang Song Jian, Mr. Yao has a clear understanding of the H7N9 avian flu. Who has been involved in Shunyi District, asked Mr. Yao to CDC officials memories and understanding of east China's bird flu epidemic, April 6, Mr. Yao has its own stop trafficking in live poultry.

    April 11, found her daughter's symptoms, Mr. Yao did not give his daughter body temperature, about 8:30, he drove his daughter sent to Ditan Hospital for treatment. "There is no public transport ride their own drove patients to designated hospitals, he useful in prevention awareness." Said Zhang Song Jian.

    Ditan Hospital fever clinics, and Xiao Yao measuring the body temperature, 38.6 ? C.

    Subsequently, her income Ditan Hospital, Division II infection, lung infection hospitalized. Until the early hours of yesterday morning, Xiao Yao was diagnosed as infected with the H7N9 avian influenza.

    Does not rule out before the onset of close contact with live poultry

    The Shunyi District Health Bureau reported that the, Xiao Yao onset of the first two weeks, have not been to the field, live bird markets, wetlands, poultry farms and other places, only activities between schools and their families. Addition to the home feeding the dog, she "did not come into contact with other animals.

    Although his father is a bit of live poultry traders, but at home, Xiao Yao is not involved in the delivery of live chickens, cleaning, transportation and so on, there is no direct hand contact with live birds or droppings, secretions, "but does not rule out the onset of before live birds have close contact, "the report says.

    However, chicken, Xiao Yao touches eaten.

    A few days ago, Mr. Yao selling the remaining chicken stew, I asked He Dunshu not, he said Dunshu. "Recalls Zhang Song Jian.

    Mr. Yao said, the day of a three eat chicken, but the daughter eat much, and eating chicken is not died.

    Xiao Yao's school, the report mentioned, two weeks prior to the onset of the Xiao Yao fever cases in their classes.

    "Do not know which case you mention, but the school students are very healthy." Zhang Song Jian confirmed the Xiao Yao classmates that fever cases, but people have been home from Ditan Hospital, just the common cold. "

    Yesterday afternoon, because of the weekend, reporters in Xiao Yao attending the school failed to find the man.

    It is understood that the the Shunyi District Board of Education has Xiao Yao where classes were thoroughly disinfected, and the campus of the region to strengthen the morning afternoon inspection, remediation of indoor and outdoor environments, "to strengthen the focus on monitoring and timely reporting of teachers and students with symptoms such as fever, and sent directly to the city hospital for medical treatment. "

    60 chickens to sell to Chaoyang, Shunyi

    Mr. Yao's booth, is based on a price of 13,000 yuan from Henan hands take over, take over together, as well as tools and 15 chickens.

    "That Henan caliber more than 20 days." In Mr. Yao booth diagonally opposite, a fruit peddler recalls Previously, the booth had poured twice hand, operators are Henan, one nickname called "Fat Man", "business is good, but sell chicken confiscated over."

    According to him, compared to last year, "the fat man" holidays dozens of cages of battle, Mr. Yao's business is much more to be bleak.

    Mr. Lu said, the neighbor Mr. Yao booth nearby, always arrayed thirty-five cages and placed where the day might purchase large amounts.

    Reportedly revealed last source of live chickens, April 4, Mr. Yao purchased from a live poultry traders moss Tianjin in the hands of 60 chickens, of which 24 were sold to milk East Village, Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District Xin warburg, five were sold to a couple of the same in the old village.

    The remaining 31 chickens how to do?

    More than the neighbors had seen Mr. Yao street slaughter live chickens, including 15 chickens had to take over, a total of 46.

    Slaughtered chicken, 44 sold to the ancient city of villagers, the otherwise two "hit" Mr. Yao hands, a human consumption.

    Ancient city center of the village street has not seen a live animal

    "To set aside several disease control, the people of the police station." Residents say more than a lot of "faces", since the day before yesterday, the center of the street.

    Yesterday, Mr. Yao, whose windows **** with red curtains in front of the four security guard sitting on a chair wearing masks, see someone close to the house, so I drove up to dissuade the wrongdoer.

    Room since 9:00 last night, after coming back from Ditan Hospital, Mr. Yao couple started medical observation, the town government is responsible for its two diet arrange to purchase necessities. According to Zhang Song Jian, yesterday morning, the airport Shunyi District Hospital's medical staff gave the couple the amount of body temperature, "36 ℃ a little more."

    12:30 yesterday, Mr. Yao appeared at their doorstep, its looks more than 40 years old, the bearded face did not wear masks, have been holding a cell phone to see, and looked a little nervous.

    Because of the contact with live poultry may have contracted the epidemic, the ancient city of the village bought Mr. Yao home a couple of live chickens, but also be required in medical observation at home seven days. Their throat swabs and serum samples from Shunyi CDC collection, sent to City CDC for testing, but at the moment the results are not yet out.

    "Yesterday, at least fifty or sixty people to the street disinfection close chickens." Centre Street, the northern section of Jiangxi traders said.

    The opposite Mr. Yao home selling Liangpi Sister 6:00 last night, Shunyi District CDC on living environment of YAOJIA, and sale of poultry establishments, the patient and his family poultry resale points and selling spaces at sewer comprehensive disinfected.

    Culled chicken, ducks, live geese.
    Yesterday, the reporter in the village around a few laps were not seen live poultry shadow.

    According to reports, last night, 51 residents of the village of 503 live birds Jibei all culled and be harmless treatment. To this end, the villagers get the subsidy is 30 yuan per bird.

    Yesterday afternoon, several uniformed security guard is still Mr. Yao neighborhood patrols.

    The nearby village last month found no sick or dead poultry

    Yesterday, about 3 km away from old village Tian Ge Zhuang, reporters have not seen have live chickens trafficking. The street, from time to time there is a security guard street patrol. A sale of raw meat shops, a security guard is accountable to the female owner of precautions.

    It is understood that the Shunyi Industry and Commerce has asked, area bird fleas market to suspend trading behavior of poultry from yesterday.

    Four, including Tian Ge Zhuang Village poultry Shunyi District Animal Health Supervision Authority collected blood samples sent to the city of diagnosis detection.

    According to the report issued by the Shunyi Health Bureau revealed that nearly a month, is not found in several villages in sick or dead poultry.

    Yesterday 17:00 or so, the ancient city center of the village street, street gradually increased.

    "Anyway, have come out, afraid of nothing." Mr. Yao house opposite the fruit vendors tilted his legs, and turned to take the side of the spoiled daughter.

    The streets of the old village center, several children playing along, have a mouth mask."


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