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China - Respiratory & fever patients at 3 hospitals in Beijing increased over last year - cold weather at night blamed

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  • China - Respiratory & fever patients at 3 hospitals in Beijing increased over last year - cold weather at night blamed

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    Stop warming cooling Hospital cold and fever patients increase

    April 1, 2013 08:29:16   Source: Beijing Morning Post

    Cold Morning News (Reporter The oblique) is the greatest feeling of the public recently; brought, that is, many people are freezing cold. Each year in late March, the winter and spring alternately getting warmer, but this year, nearly half of the month after the stop warming, the temperature in Beijing is always not to force. Daytime temperatures of more than ten degrees at night, and even dropped to near zero. Elderly and pediatric patients in major hospitals to see an upward trend in the crowd of fever cold. Emergency doctors like to remind people, young and old and frail or need to follow the principle of "Spring cover.

    The amount of the emergency door of the first child has for several days in a row of more than 5,000 passengers. Children's Hospital of children with cold and fever have also increased.

    Due to the cold weather of the first quarter than in previous years duration, respiratory diseases, especially influenza, the common cold and rhinitis patients get together to appear.

    Children's Hospital, Chaoyang Hospital, Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital Respiratory and general medicine patients representing different degrees last year has increased.

    She reminded the public of the emergency center, the turn of the winter and spring, if premature take off the winter, once the temperature changes, it will difficult to adapt to the body's resistance would also fall. Especially the elderly and children and the infirm, will lead to pathogenic microorganisms ChengXu invade the body, is apt to cause a variety of respiratory diseases and infectious diseases of winter and spring, such as colds, rhinitis, severe myocarditis, nephritis.

    But as temperatures gradually rise, do not wear too tight. For instance, some people still wearing heavy sweaters, knitted wool trouser, outdoor activities, especially as the weather gets warmer people gradually increase, so the body sweat easily, some people it will be cold cold. And the spring air dry, and members of the public to pay attention to add water. The young Tizhuang can appropriately reduce the heavy winter clothes. Stop warming in the room will feel more cold, but also pay attention to the additional clothing or open the air-conditioning and other heating.