Anhui Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission announced in January 2017 the province's statutory reporting of infectious diseases

  • Published: 2017-02-12
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January 2017 (0:00 January 1, 2017 to January 24 24), the province reported a total of 24 cases of 26,105 cases of infectious diseases.
There was no report on the incidence and mortality of infectious diseases.
In addition to schistosomiasis, neonatal tetanus, anthrax, human infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza, epidemic encephalitis B, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, polio, dengue fever, infectious atypical pneumonia , Diphtheria without disease, death case report, the remaining 16 kinds of B infectious diseases were reported 12087 cases, 36 cases of death. The top five reported diseases were viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea and dysentery, accounting for 97.72% of the total reported incidence of B infectious diseases.
In addition to filariasis, kala-azar, hydatid disease without morbidity and mortality reports, a total of 14 kinds of 1,418 cases were reported and 1 died. The top three reported diseases were infectious diarrhea, hand, foot and mouth disease, influenza, accounting for 95.39% of the total reported incidence of infectious diseases.
Winter and spring alternating season, the weather turned warm again, influenza, human infection H7N9 influenza, epidemic encephalomyelitis and other infectious diseases prone to multiple. Please contact the general public through the health department website and other formal channels to keep abreast of human infection H7N9 influenza-related information and health protection knowledge, such as contact with live poultry after influenza or flu-like symptoms please timely treatment, taking as early as possible phosphate oseltamivir Drugs; keep warm warm, take the right way to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
Annex: Anhui Province in January 2017 the number of cases of infectious diseases, the number of deaths statistics
Anhui Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission
February 12, 2017