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China - Girl, suspected H7N9 case - daughter of case #3

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  • China - Girl, suspected H7N9 case - daughter of case #3

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    Nanjing H7N9 patients family members want to sell medical treatment but was released Location
    2013 04 03, 2011 02:19 Beijing News I have something to say ( 3 people involved)

      Beijing News News yesterday, a confirmed H7N9 patients in Chuzhou, Anhui Province Mr. Han still in Nanjing Zhongshan University Hospital ICU ward treatment, her husband said that his wife's condition is still very critical, and sent to experts in Beijing have provided treatment programs. It is understood that the five days prior to the onset of the patients went to the vegetable market to buy live chickens home cooking.

      Chuzhou patients with anti-inflammatory therapy

      Patients Mr. Han, female, 35 years old, living in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, South Qiao Area Apartment 4 layers. Her husband Zhang said his wife suffered from depression, did not work, usually with a ten-year-old daughter to school.

      March 14 this year, Mr. Han fever 39 ° C, the next day at community clinics for treatment, taking azithromycin and other anti-inflammatory, antiviral drugs, the symptoms are not relieved.

    Then she went to another clinic for treatment, but the symptoms are not relieved, and a high fever of 40 ° C.

      On March 19, Mr. Han accompanied her husband to the Chinese and Western Medicine, Chuzhou, combined with the hospital due to serious condition, and the next day transferred to the First People's Hospital of Chuzhou City, was diagnosed with pneumonia.

    On the afternoon of the 20th, the patients go to the Nanjing Zhongshan University Hospital.

      Nanjing Zhongda hospital admission diagnosis: severe pneumonia; septic shock; multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, viral myocarditis, liver dysfunction; depression.

      5 days before the onset of purchase live chickens

      It is understood that two weeks prior to the onset of Mr. Han have not been to the field. Sick two weeks before her daughter suffered from a cold fever for several days that healed, in addition, Mr. Han did not come into contact with other patients with fever.

      Mr. Han lived in the area near a vegetable market, Han Mousheng disease before and after to the farms to buy food. March 9, Mr. Han and her husband went to the farms to buy a live chicken, let the chicken traders to slaughter, and then Mr. Han home the whole chicken chopped into pieces burn into chicken soup, so the whole family consumption.

      Her husband, Zhang said, the family almost every day to the farms to buy food. After the onset of the wife, the family made a blood collection laboratory, were not detected in the virus.