Market Interpretation: The corn market is doing its best, and the supply side reform is effective.

Time: 2019-1-17 19:16:15 Source: Bulk ginseng Yang Yubin
  Prospects for the corn market in 2019: The corn stock consumption ratio has dropped to a low point in recent years. It is expected that the long-term corn price trend will still be dominated by the volatile slow-moving market. It is expected that the 2019 corn futures price will run at an interval of 1800-2300 yuan/ton; for 2019 The price of corn starch in the year remains cautious. It is expected that the operating range of corn starch futures prices in 2019 will be 2200-2600 yuan/ton.
  Supply and demand fundamentals: supply: 2018 corn planting area adjustment is limited, new season corn yield decreased. The store auctions a huge amount of auctions, with a total investment of 220 million tons of corn, with a turnover of 100,121.8 thousand tons and a turnover rate of 45.5%. On the demand side, the swine fever and bird flu epidemic are frequent, and the shrinking of the breeding scale has reduced the demand for feed. However, the expansion of deep processing capacity has driven industrial demand; inventory: the gap between supply and demand in the future may appear, and the annual inventory declines year-on-year.