Mian County carried out a sudden human infection H7N9 epidemic health emergency exercise

Posted: 2018-03-02
   2 Yue 27 Ri Shangwu 9 , the Family Planning Bureau of Health held Mianxian 2018 Abrupt infectious disease epidemic health emergency drill, the county 13 Ge health units 35 people participated in the exercise.
  The exercise to Zhou Jiashan Central Hospital found a case of suspected H7N9fever patients as the background, to take the actual mode of simulation, sub-epidemic reporting, on-site disposal , routine emergency preparedness test of the grass-roots units in three parts. Then after the report to the epidemic, Mian Health Family Planning Bureau in accordance with "sudden outbreak of infectious diseases health emergency response plans," released a health emergency and medical rescue command, the relevant health units quickly enter the state of emergency, the orderly conduct of the medical staff protection preparations , Field epidemiological survey, specimen collection, patient transport and treatment and other rehearsal projects. The entire exercise process was tense and orderly, norms of operation, with skilled, after the exercise, the commander conducted a site review of the unit's exercise process, pointed out the deficiencies and rectification measures. Through this exercise, we effectively improved the ability of the county health system to move up and down, respond quickly, coordinate and cooperate to timely and effectively handle public health emergencies.