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China - 24 cases of H7N9 were reported in the last 7 days

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  • China - 24 cases of H7N9 were reported in the last 7 days

    (Xinhua Dong Zichang) China National Health and Health Committee issued a message on the 5th, April 28, 2017 to May 4, 2017, Beijing, May 5, Mainland China 12 provinces 7 days reported H7N9 cases in 24 cases, of which 9 died. Reporters noted that last week (April 28 to May 4) the epidemic situation than April 21 to April 27 (reported H7N9 cases in 18 cases, 3 deaths) increased, but the overall remained at a low level The Monitoring shows that H7N9 virus is not yet effective human ability, early use of neuraminidase inhibitors and other anti-influenza virus drugs, can effectively reduce the incidence of severe cases. Health and Planning Commission asked the health and health departments to do the epidemic situation monitoring, epidemic situation, medical treatment, health education and other work, early detection of cases, early diagnosis and treatment, to make the greatest efforts to reduce severe and death; Joint control mechanism of the relevant departments, the implementation of live poultry market and live poultry transregional transfer control measures to strengthen the control of the source of the epidemic. Experts advise that the public should avoid direct contact with poultry in their daily lives, do not buy live poultry without quarantine certificates and keep them at home. Those who have fever and respiratory symptoms, such as live birds before going to the epidemic, Wear a mask, as soon as possible to the local medical institutions, and take the initiative to inform the doctor of bird contact history, do not travel. (Finish)