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China - 1 new H7N9 avian flu case in Xianyang, Shaanxi province - May 5, 2017 - initially tested negative

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  • China - 1 new H7N9 avian flu case in Xianyang, Shaanxi province - May 5, 2017 - initially tested negative

    Xianyang and then confirmed a case of H7N9 40 suspected contacts were isolated

    May 5, China Daily News reporter learned from the Xianyang City, the Bureau of Health, following the first case found H7N9 case after the first 5, then confirmed a case of H7N9 Xianyang.

    It is reported that recently through a comprehensive epidemic investigation, May 5 at 3 am, diagnosed Xianyang another male patient biological specimens for the H7N9 virus nucleic acid positive. Patient Kwak, male, 63 years old. Who lives in Xianyang City Weicheng District. Due to fever, cough, dizziness, diarrhea in the afternoon of May 2, 2017 at 4 pm stay in Xianyang 215 Hospital. 1 week before admission without obvious cause of fever, no cough and sputum, check blood routine no obvious abnormalities, oral medication, the symptoms did not improve significantly, April 30 nausea and vomiting, accompanied by diarrhea, after admission given Anti-inflammatory, anti-virus and other treatment. May 3 hospital for patients with influenza virus antigen rapid detection, while the city CDC detection, H7N9 test results were negative. May 4, the hospital again to collect specimens sent to the city CDC detection, May 4, Xianyang City CDC reported that the patient's biological specimens H7N9 nucleic acid test results were positive. 5 月 5 日 3:00 provincial CDC review report, confirmed that the patient's biological specimens for the H7N9 virus nucleic acid positive, 5 月 6 日 6:00 transferred to the treatment of Xi'an Tangdu Hospital.

    It is understood that on May 1, Xianyang municipal government held the first meeting of H7N9 prevention and control work, emergency start arrangements H7N9 prevention and control work. On the afternoon of May 3, Xianyang Municipal Government held a second H7N9 prevention and control work conference to further clarify the relevant departments of prevention and control duties, refine the work tasks, requiring a comprehensive investigation of the epidemic. May 4 afternoon, Xianyang city government held the third H7N9 prevention and control work conference, set up to the mayor as the commander of the prevention and control work command, the establishment of comprehensive coordination group, medical treatment and human epidemic prevention and control group, poultry epidemic Prevention and control group, foreign trade port group, logistics support group and other 10 epidemic prevention and control team to carry out comprehensive epidemic prevention and control work. May 4 to May 5 at 3 am, Xianyang city government in charge of the leadership to lead the relevant departments to Qindu District, Weicheng District and the nuclear industry twenty-five hospitals, the key areas of investigation, requiring measures to strengthen the epidemic Prevention and control of full coverage, live poultry farms to monitor the full coverage, prohibit full coverage of live poultry circulation, clean and disinfection full coverage, requiring immediate close contact tracking, flow and isolation medical observation work, organization of relevant experts go all out to the patient Consultation, treatment.
    At the same time, the Provincial Health Planning Commission organized provincial hospitals, provincial CDC experts for consultation, to guide the treatment and prevention and control work. The monitoring department to further arrange the deployment of patient treatment and epidemic prevention and control work, the night to close contact with the investigation, tracking, flow and take measures to isolate the whole city more than two hospitals to further strengthen the fever emergency, respiratory influenza surveillance, Sense of prevention and control, the prevention and control work is ongoing. As of May 4 at 17:00, quarantine of 40 people suspected of disengagement, the lifting of isolation of three people, admission treatment of 1 people, the prevention and control work is being carried out in an orderly manner. Chinese business reporter Yang Hao

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