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China - Girl, 14, died of severe pneumonia leading to organ failure and death, H7N9 ruled out in Yunnan province

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  • China - Girl, 14, died of severe pneumonia leading to organ failure and death, H7N9 ruled out in Yunnan province

    [Source: RTHK, full text in Chinese: (LINK). Automatic translation.]

    H7N9, Yunnan: Thai tourist developed pneumonia unlikely to have birdflu, local authorities said

    2013-04-05 HKT 13:56

    A Thai tourists travel in Yunnan as "unexplained pneumonia", where he died in a hospital in Kunming. Yunnan Provincial Health Department deputy director, said Xu Heping, laboratory-confirmed, tourists died of severe pneumonia is not infected with the H7N9 avian influenza virus, Yunnan not find someone infected with H7N9.

    BEIJING, reported that Yunnan Province in the hospital "unknown causes pneumonia patients were included in the monitored object. From the 2, Yunnan within the scope of medical institutions has launched the emergency plan, to strengthen prevention and control efforts.


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    Yunnan discovered Thai turist died from "unknown cause pneumonia"

    (CCTV net) CCTV news: [Yunnan discovered one \"unknown cause pneumonia\" death] Yesterday morning, The Thai tourists who goes to Yunnan traveling failed to survive the emergency treatment in the Kunming first People's Hospital. The reporter obtains the news from Yunnan CSC, This patient dies of the multi-organ function failure that the critically ill pneumonia causes, causes \"unknown cause pneumonia\" the virus is being screened, but is not the H7N9, H1N1 bird flu. (CCTV Reporter Sui Xiaomei) Net News broadcast: [The Thai tourists in Yunnan because of the pneumonia death official said that has nothing to do with H7N9] On the 4th, A Thai tourist died in Kunming because of the pneumonia, the symptom is gives off heat, the lung infection and shock, suddenly the outside suspects unceasingly. Yunnan Health department deputy director Xu Heping said on the 5th that after the laboratory diagnosis, this tourist dies of the altitude sickness and critically ill pneumonia, has nothing to do with H7N9 that the people suspect, At present Yunnan has not discovered H7N9 bird flu case.


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      Re: H7N9, Yunnan: Thai tourist developed pneumonia unlikely to have birdflu, local authorities said (RTHK, April 5 2013)

      H7N9 virus not detected in Thai tourist death

      KUNMING, April 5 (Xinhua) -- A 14-year-old Thai tourist died from severe pneumonia on Thursday morning in southwest China's Yunnan Province, but no H7N9 virus was detected, local health authorities said Friday.

      The teenager with a 119-member tourist group arrived in Yunnan Province from Bangkok on March 23.

      He developed symptoms of a cough and runny nose en route from Shangri-La County to Lijiang City on March 26.

      The boy was sent to a hospital in Lijiang on the morning of March 28 after he developed breathing difficulties and coughed up pink, frothy sputum.

      He was transferred to the First People's Hospital of Kunming, capital city of Yunnan for treatment on Wednesday morning, but died in hospital after rescue efforts failed on Thursday morning.



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        machine translation

        Thai women swim the Yunnan dye pneumonia death
        H7N9 avian flu was spreading in eastern China, a Yunnan travel with his family to the 14-year-old girl in Thailand, before a fever, lung infection is hospitalized, until Thursday, where he died; the Yunnan  Health Department stressed, the girl because of severe pneumonia leading to organ failure and death, is not infected with the H7N9 avian influenza. Dead a few days ago with his family from Thailand arrived in Kunming, Yunnan Tourism, Wednesday night due to fever, shock sent Kunming First People's Hospital for treatment, check after doctors confirmed that the girl pulmonary infection, until Thursday, where he died. Hospital revealed that after the death of the girl, the intensive care unit medical personnel are emergency prevention of drug taking antiviral. Xu Heping, deputy director of the provincial  Health Department yesterday means, laboratory-confirmed the Thai girl died of altitude sickness and severe pneumonia with H7N9 or H1N1 flu, stressed that Yunnan has not yet been found that H7N9 cases. While the province all of unexplained pneumonia patients in the hospital, were satisfied for the monitoring object, various medical institutions at all levels to start the emergency plan to strengthen the prevention and control measures.