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China - New H5N6 bird flu case, Hunan province - May 30, 2016

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  • China - New H5N6 bird flu case, Hunan province - May 30, 2016

    Hunan province announcement....

    Hunan Diagnose H5N6 cases

    Author: Anonymous Source: Central Hits: 631 Update Time: 2016-5-30

    May 28, 2016, Hunan Diagnose H5N6 cases. Patients Tian Moumou, male, 50 years old, Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture Guzhang County. When the disease in Jishou city workers, currently in critical condition, the hospital for treatment. H5N6 avian-derived influenza virus is a virus, limited its ability to infect humans, there is no evidence of sustained human-to-human transmission.


    Previously reported cases year-to-date in 2016 - all confirmed by WHO:


    Male, 25, onset January 1, 2016, hospitalized January 4, 2016 in critical condition, Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong province Death WHO rpt Jan. 11 note

    Male, 42, onset December 12, hospitalized December 12, died December 21, 2015, lived in Jieyang City, Guangdong province Death WHO rpt Jan 11

    Female, 31, onset January 8, hospitalized in critical condition, Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong province WHO rpt Jan 28

    Child, 5, case referred to in
    WHO rpt Jan 20

    Female, 40, onset February 20, hospitalized February 22, critical condition, Guizhou, Guangdong province WHO rpt March 23 WHO rpt April 4

    Male, 35, onset April 9, hospitalized April 12, critical condition, Hubei WHO rpt May 6

    Female, 11, onset April 11, hospitalized April 13, ICU April 18, discharged, Zhuzhou City, Hunan note WHO rpt May 6

    Female, 65, onset April 24, hospitalized April 27, Xuancheng, Anhui WHO rpt May 10

    Source: FluTrackers Cumulative H5N6 human case list here.