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China - NHFPC announces 2 bird flu cases (excluding H7N9) and 1 death for November 2015 - Apparently H9N2

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  • China - NHFPC announces 2 bird flu cases (excluding H7N9) and 1 death for November 2015 - Apparently H9N2

    November 2015 National Notifiable Infectious Diseases Overview

    People's Republic of China National Health and Family Planning2015-12-10

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    I have no idea which strain these bird flu cases are. In the past this category on the report has indicated the H5N1 strain.

    This year there have been 5 H5N1 cases recorded:

    China - Female, 37, onset January 14, hospitalized January 20

    China - Male, 46, onset February 18, hospitalized February 21, died February 27, Sichuan Death

    China - Male, 34, onset March 13, hospitalized March 18, Yunnan

    China - Male, 17, onset March 17, hospitalized March 20, Yunnan

    China - Male, 6, announced by CHP on April 3, Yunnan province

    Source: FluTrackers Global H5N1 list here.

    There have also been 2 H5N6 cases this year:

    Male, 44, onset and hospitalization on January 27, died February 6, Yunnan province Death

    Female, 37, onset July 6, hospitalized July 9, died July 10, Yunnan province Death

    Souce: FluTrackers H5N6 list here.

    In 2013 and 2014 there were 3 cases of H10N8. List here

    Today China also announced 2 H7N9 cases for November here.

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    Mainland China H9N2 influenza (2015-12-14) Source: China Center for Disease Control, 2015-12-11
    Epidemic grade: Second grade: Warning (Alert)

    Chinese mainland announced in 12/11 4 cases of H9N2 flu confirmed cases, between the ages of 1-15 years old, 3 female 1 male, date of onset is between April to October this year, were living in Anhui, Hunan, are mild, he joined his family to a market to buy food, no live poultry remaining exposure or unknown. Chinese mainland and Hong Kong a total of six cases of H9N2 avian influenza, including one case of Hong Kong (Guangdong Province moved), Hunan Province, four cases and one case in Anhui Province.

    View and Update Date: 2015-12-15
    Maintenance Unit: Epidemic Center d=604910441C127489&tid=E66E4F0D6C6B7BC5&showtype=


    Most likely an error from Macau concerning H9N2 vs H7N9 and also very unlikely a dual infection!

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      Weather turns cold, please implement respiratory and hand hygiene to prevent influenza invasion; Chinese mainland recent H7N9 and H9N2 influenza cases, people go to endemic areas, please be vigilant (2015-12-15)

      Recently the weather starting to turn cold, publicly funded influenza vaccine will be exhausted soon, please seize the opportunity as soon as possible vaccinated people; in line with publicly funded influenza antiviral drug target agents also asked for medical treatment and medication as soon as possible to protect themselves and their families healthy. Another Chinese mainland recent H7N9 influenza andH9N2 influenza cases, people go to endemic areas be sure to do self-protection, to avoid contact with live poultry birds classes and access to markets, to prevent infection.
      The Programme disease statistics, as of yesterday ( 12 May 14 May) publicly funded influenza vaccine surplus of about 13 Wan 5,319 agents ( 0.5 mL dosage form 12 Wan 1,112 agents, 0.25 mLdosage 1 Wan 4,207 agents), recent domestic influenza epidemic although at relatively low , but the overall trend of the epidemic showed a ramp. Last week, added a total of three cases of confirmed cases of influenza complicated by severe and 1 cases were reviewed and influenza-related deaths from this flu season this year 7 month 1 since May, as of yesterday, a cumulative total of 156 cases were complicated by severe influenza, including 27 deaths. Last week, the percentage of emergency department visits influenza cases (respectively 1.1 percent , 8.7 percent , compared to 1.0% , 8.0% ) and the previous week.
      In addition, mainland China added 1 Example H7N9 flu confirmed cases, of Hangzhou 60 -year-old male farmer, had contact with live poultry, currently in critical conditions. Chinese mainland autumn of this year cumulative total 6 cases of H7N9 influenza cases, Zhejiang 5 cases, Guangdong Province 1patients were 50 years of age and having a history of exposure to poultry farmers and poultry workers.Global since 2013, has so far accumulated in 683 cases, including the Chinese mainland 663 cases, Hong Kong 13 cases, Taiwan 4 cases, Canada 2 cases, Malaysia 1 cases, WHO on 11 May 13 update date 275 deaths.
      Another mainland China Anhui and Hunan recently added four cases of H9N2 flu confirmed cases, aged 1 to 15 years, 3 female 1 male, date of onset is between year 4 to 10 months, are mild, one case he joined the family name to the market to buy food, no live poultry remaining exposure history or exposure history is unknown. Since 2013 onwards the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong cumulative total of 6 cases of H9N2 flu cases, including Hunan 4 cases, Anhui 1 cases and Hong Kong 1 patients (Guangdong Province moved). Currently tourism against human bird flu epidemic proposal, mainland China, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Anhui and Hunan Provincial Tourism epidemic proposal as a warning (Alert ), other provinces (excluding Hong Kong and Macao) as a note ( Watch ).
      The Programme disease called people not to overlook the severity of influenza, usually should routinely wash their hands, good respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette; visit mainland China should avoid contact with live poultry birds classes and access to markets; edible chickens, ducks, geese and eggs to cooked to avoid infection. Such as fever or flu-like symptoms should wear a mask as soon as possible for medical treatment, in addition to travel and contact history inform physicians and medication according to doctor's orders, at home recuperating. Information available to the illness UNDCP WWW ( ), or call toll-free vaccination Line 1922 (or 0800-001922 ) contact.

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        Note Zhejiang HFPC reports one H7N9 case that died in the November Monthly ID report which was not reported by the NHFPC!