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Man dies of suspected bird flu in Guangzhou

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    Re: Mandatory Hospitalizations in Guangzhau

    Originally posted by eladdie
    What is going on????
    I suspect that only China's government knows. The news management is particularly marked at the moment, but anything they do say about BF within the country recently seems to be quite bad.

    Despite warnings from the WHO that we should pay attention to Indonesia, I don't believe that they know what is happening in China.


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      Boxun: WHO officer in China helps to hide bird flu?

      WHO officer in China helps to hide bird flu?

      (Mar. 08, 2006)

      Boxun published a message sent by anonymous person(full text in Chinese), it says that WHO officer in China received bribery and help China government to hide the seriousness of bird flu in China.

      Boxun claims that it cannot confirm the information at the beginning of the publishment, then publishes its full contents as it received.

      It mentioned that WHO received dead birds (sample) in 2005, and WHO officer released the person's name to government. It said that two persons were executed in February 27 2006.

      The message says bird flu has caused 820 deaths in China since summer 2005.

      Note by Boxun editor:
      One public clue may help understand the situation: the WHO officer in China supported and agreed the official data release by China government. While the scientist in Hong Kong - Guan Yi denied the official data with many solid evidences. In theory, WHO officer in China should have more direct information than a scientist in Hong Kong.

      As the biggest citizen journalism site in Chinese, Boxun is largely supported by volunteers, and we do not have the resources to translate its full contents. The quality of translation is also problematic (sometime). Please understand us. (
      (Modified on 2006/3/08)

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      进入2005年中旬以来,中国各地发生多起严重的禽流感疫情,这其中既有禽类的大规模感染也有 严重的人类感 染事故,根据中国民间人士的统计,截止到2006年2月底,大陆感染禽流感死亡的人数可查的超 过820多人 ,隔离人数不详。

      中国大陆的信息封闭现状是世界各国有目共睹的,因此,信息的闭塞性可想而知。实际上在2005 年辽宁暴发严 重的禽流感疫情后,中国国务院办公厅曾经发布过官方文件,内容就是有关禽流感疫情的公布由中央 统一公布,地 方包括省一级政府不得私自发布疫情信息。而且官方对未经中央许可的禽流感疫情采取的措施是:

      严禁使用禽流感及相关词语描述疫情,感染禽流感疫情的群众必须到指定医院救治否则取消医疗保险 补助,对拒不 按规定的患者可以强制执行。


      "中国的疫情被严重隐瞒实际上很大的原因实际上是这些外国人和中国官员互相勾结的结果。。。"。这 是一位与 世卫密切接触并曾经在中共与世卫之间多次联系的中共官员的描述。

      根据该官员的描述,在2005年中国青海暴发严重的禽流感疫情后,由于民间人士的大量信息报道 导致国际社会 对此严重关注,正是青海禽流感的传播导致了今年的全球性的禽流感大蔓延。而当时的世卫驻华官员 一面面对国际 社会的巨大压力,另一面面对的是中共的严厉控制,在当时发生了非常戏剧性的一个事件彻底改变了 世卫驻华官员 ,使他们成为中共的帮凶。

      大家或许还记得曾经有九个披露青海禽流感信息的年青人,在青海禽流感疫情暴发后,其中布和林和 索南旺达曾经 携带密封的死鸟样本通过西宁的朋友转至北京世卫。 并且其中有九人连名的并有当地许多牧民签名的信件请求世卫驻华官员对中共施加压力,遏制禽流感 在当地的蔓延 ,保障当地牧民的利益和生命安全。

      中共对世卫驻华官员一直是采取严密监视与控制的措施,但是这个被秘密接收的死鸟样本和当地牧民 联名的信件成 为一个重要的转折点。一切都改变了。

      这些世卫驻华官员没有选择向世界公开这些信息,而是选择了以此为把柄进入青海疫区的要求,中共 考虑再三选择 了允许进入疫区并给予巨额封口费的方法,而世卫官员则选择了交出死鸟样本和信件做交换。

      于是就有了世卫官员进入青海疫区发表了一通不大不小的报告了事,而当外国媒体了解九个年轻人的 信息时。世卫 官员轻描淡写的说:他们也听说过这个故事。

      向世卫驻华官员支付巨额封口费已经成为一个惯例,而隐瞒中国的重大疫情保持与中国政府的高度一 致成为目前世 卫驻华官员的最重要工作。

      该文之所以被披露是由于在2006年2月27日下午,被关押在乌鲁木齐的布和林和索南旺达以颠 覆国家政权罪 和严重泄露国家机密罪被处决。而世卫驻华官员提供的死鸟样本和信件就是罪证。


      他的最后的一句话是:很多的国际驻华组织实际上已经成为中共的帮凶,或许今天提供给他们的资料 明天就在公安 局或国安人员的桌上了。要谨慎选择!!!!!!

      _(博讯自由发稿区发稿) (Modified on 2006/3/08) (博讯


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        Stay away from Wild Birds

        Stay away from Wild Birds

        Minister of Health Gao Qiang says bird flu is not highly infectious, but has warned people not to touch wild birds.

        Speaking on the sidelines of the annual session of the National People's Congress (NPC), Gao said that it was not easy for humans to become infected with the virus from dead birds or poultry.

        He said that while vast numbers of people have had contact with dead birds, there had only been around a dozen cases in the country of human bird flu.

        Gao said that experts are investigating whether a certain deficiency in certain people makes them more prone to contracting the virus.
        He denied that the H5N1 virus found in China was different from that in other parts of the world.

        He said the best way to control the outbreak was still containing the epidemic situation in poultry.

        He called on people to avoid contact between domestic poultry and wild birds, as the major infection source of the virus was still migratory birds.
        "By decreasing the infection of domestic poultry, the number of human cases is naturally brought down," he said.

        Gao urged people to keep their distance from wild birds and not to prey, sell, kill or eat them, to minimize the chances of being infected.
        "We can cut down on many diseases as long as we get along harmoniously with nature," he said.

        The slaughter of live poultry in urban markets should be banned, he said, adding that Beijing has done very well in this respect.
        (China Daily March 15, 2006)


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          Isolation Over for 124 People in Close Contact with Bird Flu Victim

          Isolation Over for 124 People in Close Contact with Bird Flu Victim

          The 124 people who had close contact with a young man who died of bird flu in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province, earlier this month are no longer in isolation.

          The Guangzhou City Health Bureau announced on Wednesday that the 124 were removed from medical observation on Sunday.

          The 32-year-old man who died, surnamed Lao, was the first human case of bird flu in Guangzhou. He started to show symptoms of fever and pneumonia on February 22. He died on March 2 despite receiving medical attention. Local medical experts ruled out that his girlfriend, who had been suffering from a fever, had caught the infection and she was discharged from hospital on Saturday.

          Guangzhou also ended the daily report on the emergency measures as no new bird flu outbreaks in poultry or any new suspected human cases had been detected according to the local health bureau.

          As of March 7, the Chinese mainland had reported 15 confirmed human cases of bird flu. Of those infected 10 died. Globally 175 human cases have been diagnosed resulting in 95 deaths. These figures were reported on the World Health Organization's website of March 6.

          (Xinhua News Agency March 16, 2006)