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Indonesia: 2013 Chikungunya outbreaks

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  • Indonesia: 2013 Chikungunya outbreaks


    14 Oktober 2012 | 19:12 wib
    Terkena Chikungunya, Puluhan Warga Dua Desa Lumpuh Sesaat

    Google translation:

    October 14, 2012 | 19:12 pm
    Affected by Chikungunya, Dozens of residents Paralyzed Just Two Villages
    KLATEN, - Dozens of residents who live in the village and the village Tanjungan airborne, Wedi, Klaten cikungunya disease. As a result, they suffer from pain in the joints, even momentary paralysis.

    The worst attacks struck the village of airborne, there are 25 people who contracted the disease that comes from alphavirus which is transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. In the village there are 15 residents Tanjungan cikungunya suffering. However, some people are cured, but there are still undergoing treatment.

    "We're not sure whether residents airborne illness and Tanjungan is cikungunya, because it has not proven by laboratory tests. Judging symptoms such as fever, joint pain until it is momentary paralysis symptoms of chikungunya," said Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ronny Roekmito Klaten Kes, Sunday (14/10).

    Health Department to determine the difficulty of the illness citizens, as most late treatment. Though usually a blood sample for laboratory checks taken after the incubation period is complete. However, he hoped the disease did not spread to the surrounding villages.

    The two villages are difogging or smoked with insecticides that can kill adult mosquitoes. But according to him, the best way to prevent cikungunya is to implement clean and healthy lifestyle (PHBs), of which the
    mosquito nest eradication (PSN) in the neighborhood.

    "Fogging or fumigation is a last resort if the attack is widespread cikungunya. Fogging insecticide was used, so there is a negative effect on the health of residents. Way is the best and safe PSN is to avoid mosquito breeding in stagnant water is crystal clear," said Ronny.
    (Coddle Sunantri / CN26 / JBSM)

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    Re: Indonesia: Suspect chikungunya outbreak in Central Java


    Chikungunya Merebak, Awas Ada Nyamuk Urbanisasi!
    Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012 20:14 WIB | Trianto Hery Suryono/JIBI/SOLOPOS

    Google translation:

    Chikungunya outbreak, Awas There Urbanization Mosquitoes!
    Wednesday, October 17, 2012 20:14 PM | Trianto Hery Suryono / Jibi / Solopos |

    SUKOHARJO - Head of the District Health Office (DKK) Sukoharjo, dr Guntur Subiyantoro Prosperous City asks residents wary of mosquitoes from other areas or urbanization. Vigilance as a precaution outbreak of chikungunya disease in two villages bordering the Klaten.

    Data in DKK, the number of patients with diseases caused by mosquitoes that attacked 41 people. That is 25 people Ngemplak villagers and the remaining 16 people Pucangan villagers, both in District Kartasura, Sukoharjo. The assertion that disampakan Dr. Thunder, Wednesday (10/17/2012). "People (chikungunya) in both villages suspected in the attack of mosquitoes due to the location of the region bordering Klaten," said Thunder.

    Furthermore Guntur said the allegations were based on routine community in two villages. According to her, these people in two villages accustomed to fogging or fumigation. Meanwhile, the villagers still do activities to the frontier. "Healthy lifestyle is practiced citizens. Residents were routinely eradicate mosquito larvae. "

    In the meantime, Dr. Guntur ordered that the public be aware of the spread of mosquito chikungunya and dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) as the arrival of the rainy season. "If people want fogging please report to DKK. Also take frequent bathtub drain and discard the water in catch. "

    Guntur explained, until now the new district Kartasura reported chikungunya attacks. Information obtained, chikungunya patients Ngemplak befall the village while the villagers in the village of Pucangan affects children and adults. Chikungunya attack happened early last month that the majority of patients are cured.

    Data in DKK, almost all areas prone to attacks Sukoharjo chikungunya. Like, Sub Grogol and Sukoharjo densely populated developing highly susceptible mosquitoes if not do PSN (mosquito nest eradication).


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      Re: Indonesia: 2012 Suspect/confirmed chikungunya outbreaks in Central Java


      04 Januari 2013 | 00:28 wib
      Ratusan Warga Klaten Terserang Cikungunya

      Google translation:

      January 4, 2013 | 0:28 pm
      Hundreds of Klaten Esophageal cikungunya


      KLATEN, - Hundreds of Hamlet Sembung, Sukorejo Village, Wedi, Klaten cikungunya attacked, in the last month. They are subjected to high heat and fever accompanied by intense sharp pains in the joints, and even some of them to temporary paralysis.

      According to one resident Pardiman, the disease affects nearly all residents living in RW 10, which consists of three RT. But do not attack simultaneously, but alternately from one house to another. In the past month, the number is in the hundreds.

      "I was also attacked, and even he could not indulge in two days. But it's been recovering from a doctor and get medication. Currently, not fully recovered so it can not move as usual," said Pardiman.

      Attacks cikungunya aedes mosquito-borne aigepty makes people uneasy. Until Thursday (3/1), there are still some people who have not recovered and still lying in the room. Sense sharp pains in the joints, making them unable to move with activity.

      Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ronny Roekmito Klaten said cikungunya is one of the diseases to be aware of any coming rainy season. In addition, residents should be aware of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), leptospirosis and other ever increasing number of attacks in the rainy season.

      "The attack on Sembung cikungunya, Wedi and some other areas have been reported to the health office. Yet, until now we do not know the exact number, how many people are exposed to attack cikungunya. Attacks were on the move. We can only urge people to behave in a clean and healthy life, "said Ronny.
      (Coddle Sunantri / CN26 / JBSM)


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        Indonesia: 2013 Chikungunya outbreaks in Central Java


        Puskesmas Tawangsari Lakukan Fogging di Watulumbu
        Danar Widiyanto | Selasa, 15 Januari 2013 | 13:15 WIB

        Google translation:

        Puskesmas Tawangsari Do Fogging in Watulumbu
        Danar Widiyanto | Tuesday, January 15, 2013 | 13:15 pm

        SUKOHARJO ( - District Health Clinics Tawangsari do fogging in RT 3 RW 10 Watulumbu, Watubonang, Tawangsari, Tuesday (15/1). Fogging was prompted by an attack by chikungunya total patients by 27 people.

        Head Health Center Tawangsari istanti Yuni told reporters fogging done starting at 08.00. officers brought two tools to perform fumigation fogging the house belonging to 67 families (KK).

        "This is the first case in Watulumbu chikungunya whereas before the attack we had to socialize as well as movements in Kalimangir, Watubonang adjacent to where fogging, so the possibility of mosquitoes that attack here comes from the cross there," said Yuni istanti.

        Before fogging carried the village health center helped to disseminate and supplies to residents. Tujuanya that residents are aware to preserve a clean lifestyle.

        Yuni continued that what was seen at the location in particular homes, it is clear that the awareness of citizens is still low. As evidenced by the still huge barrel-shaped container, tires, buckets, bucket, scrap plastic containing rainwater. Place was also seen lots of mosquito larvae that cause rapid spread of chikungunya in Watulumbu, Watubonang.

        From this initial spread of chikungunya occurred later in Watulumbu, Watubonang. From initially just one to three people quickly grew to a total of 27 people. Lucky they are to be addressed by the health center.

        "Average patient is cured but the handling of this post is still being done to the growing menganstisipasi chikungunya victims," he continued. (R-12)


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          Re: Indonesia: 2013 Chikungunya outbreaks in Central Java


          25 Januari 2013 | 02:08 wib
          Belasan Warga Giritontro Terjangkit Chikungunya

          Google translation:

          January 25, 2013 | 2:08 pm
          Dozens of residents Giritontro Infected Chikungunya

          WONOGIRI, - Dozens of Hamlet Giritontro Kidul, Sub / Sub Giritontro, Wonogiri suspected chikungunya disease. The disease attacked two RT, namely RT4 and RT5 in the local village. They have experienced symptoms of chikungunya disease about three days ago.

          Eko Prasetyo (38), local residents said they generally experience a sense of aching and pain in the joints. In addition, their bodies also felt stiff and sore when driven. "Symptoms ached at the joints had been experienced since three days ago," he said.

          He said there are at least six houses affected family members suspected chikungunya. Typically, other family members will also complain of symptoms of the disease, if there is one family that experienced nggota first.

          Some families who have these symptoms, among other things, the family Misdi, ACEP, Umar, Slamet, Sukino, and Mrs. Sartin. "Misdi and hit his wife, ACEP with two families, Umar with three families, Slamet Maryono Kingpin and his family, Sukino with three families, and Mrs. Sartin," he said.

          They have tried to see a doctor. In addition, some people choose to buy medicines at the pharmacy nearest stiff. Stiff drug was actually recognized more suitable than the injections doctor.

          Separately, the head of the Department of Health (PHO) Wonogiri, Dr. Widodo MKes through Head Disease Prevention and Environmental Control (P2PL), Supriyo Heryanto claimed to have received reports of symptoms of chikungunya disease in Giritontro.

          However, it is precisely to obtain reports of chikungunya symptoms Gendayakan Village, District Paranggupito. "Already there are reports of the incident in the village of Gendayakan. Yesterday, the health center has been given the treatment as well as PE (Research epidemiologist)," said Supriyo.
          (Khalid Yogi / CN26 / JBSM)


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            Re: Indonesia: 2013 Chikungunya outbreaks in Central Java


            26 Januari 2013 | 00:15 wib
            Penyakit Chikungunya Serang Warga

            Google translation:

            January 26, 2013 | 00:15 pm
            Chikungunya disease Attack Residents

            WONOGIRI, - At least 20 people Glagahombo Hamlet, Village Gendayakan, District Paranggupito, Wonogiri chikungunya disease. The disease is transmitted by aedes mosquitoes albopyctus began to attack from three days ago. Most of the victims are still undergoing outpatient.

            Chief Health Center Paranggupito, dr Setyawati revealed, people experience symptoms of pain in their joints. However, no one was admitted to the local health center. They prefer to undergo outpatient treatment. "For healing, at least take 1-2 weeks, depending on the condition of their bodies," he explained.

            Officer Community Health Center has deployed officers to monitor local environmental conditions and conduct Research Epidemiology (PE). Officers also ensure that there are no mosquito larvae in the settlements.

            According to him, a lot of mosquito larvae in the nest-bowl water reservoir owned by residents. Most of the residents have a water tank to collect rain water, for everyday purposes. Tandon is often used as mosquito breeding because rarely cleaned. Moreover, its size is very large, more than 2x3 m2. "Ideally, water tank cleaned once a week," he added.

            Village Chief Gendayakan, Sriyanto said, cleaning the water tank very draining because the size is very large. One alternative solution which is to keep the fish in the tank. Fish are expected to eat mosquito larvae. "It could be fish mujahir or brooms," he said.
            (Khalid Yogi / CN32 / JBSM)


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              Re: Indonesia: 2013 Chikungunya outbreaks in Central Java


              04 Februari 2013 | 09:55 wib
              Chikungunya Merebak, Dinkes Lakukan Fogging

              Google translation:

              February 4, 2013 | 9:55 pm
              Chikungunya outbreak, Dinkes Do Fogging

              KLATEN, - Public Health Klaten conduct fogging or fumigation with insecticide to eradicate mosquitoes in the Village Village Balak, District Cawas, Klaten, Monday (4/2). This was done following the outbreak of the disease cikungunya transmitted through mosquito bites aygepti aides.

              Today, dozens of residents attacked a disease characterized by high fever, fever and severe pain in the joints. Previously, residents have been given counseling and perform community service in order to mosquito nest eradication (PSN) to kill mosquito larvae, Sunday (3/2).

              '' According to the procedure, handling epidemiological investigation, counseling and treatment of blood sampling. Apparently epidemiological investigation showed an increasing number of patients, necessitating fogging,'' said Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ronny Roekmito Klaten Kes, Monday (4/2).

              But according to him, prevention cikungunya the best and most effective way is to PSN, because it can kill mosquito larvae. Meanwhile, fogging or fumigation using insecticides only kill adult mosquitoes only, while jentiknya can not die with smoked.

              He added that fogging was decided because epidemiological investigation showed the low-free larvae. After that, residents are expected to perform PSN regularly and maintain healthy behaviors. Using insecticide fogging so feared impact on health if done frequently.

              Fogging done penyusul a dozen villagers were attacked cikungunya Balak, in the past week. Cikungunya attacked residents in the two hamlets are located side by side, namely Hamlet and Hamlet Jowo Kedulan. Residents are cleaning the nest and mosquito larvae, but they asked if painful difogging fear is spreading.

              (Coddle Sunantri / CN19 / JBSM)


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                Indonesia: 2013 Chikungunya outbreaks in Yogyakarta


                7 Maret 2013 | 05:38 wib
                69 Warga Sleman Terserang Chikungunya

                Google translation:

                March 7, 2013 | 05:38 pm
                69 Residents Sleman Esophageal Chikungunya

                SLEMAN, - Community Sleman alert prompted the spread of disease chikungunya. During January to March, the recorded cases of as many as 69 patients. These findings are entirely in the District Godean.

                "Chikungunya disease is not deadly. But people should worry about because it is spreading fast, and could be an epidemic," said Chief Medical Officer Sleman, Mafilindati Nuraini, Wednesday (6/3).

                Explained, clinical symptoms of disease like dengue chikungunya (DB) ie high fever. The difference is, when people are suffering from chikungunya, not found plasma leakage. In addition, the patient will feel pain in the joints, and if it is worse to not be able to walk.

                Head of Disease Control and Health Issues (P2MK), Department of Health DIY, Daryanto Chadorie said this year newly discovered cases of chikungunya in Sleman district, and the city of Yogyakarta. There are 69 cases in Sleman, Yogyakarta city and 33 patients. "In 2010, the highest in the District Kalibawang findings, Kulonprogo. Entire people affected by outbreaks of chikungunya," he said.

                He explains, the disease must be overcome if attacked one place. If not, it will quickly spread. Chikungunya virus is carried by the mosquito vector Aedes aegypti. These mosquitoes kind as to the cause of DB. But the difference, the mosquito vector of chikungunya living outside the home such as garden or yard.

                It has been set up logistics, and medicine to anticipate the outbreak. But the most efficient way is to eradicate mosquito breeding.
                (Amelia Hapsari / CN26 / JBSM)


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                  Re: Indonesia: 2013 Chikungunya outbreaks in Central Java


                  DBD dan Chikungunya Merebak di Sukoharjo
                  Posted about 3 hours ago
                  Home > Nasional > Jawa Tengah - DIY
                  Minggu, 10 Maret 2013, 03:00 WIB

                  Google translation:

                  Dengue and Chikungunya outbreak in Sukoharjo
                  Posted about 3 hours ago
                  Home> National> Central Java - DIY
                  Sunday, March 10, 2013, 03:00 pm

                  REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SUKOHARJO - Case of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) and Chikungunya in Sukoharjo continues to increase.

                  Data at the District Health Office (DKK) in the last two months Sukoharjo recorded sebayak Chikungunya 206 residents, and 39 other people affected by dengue.

                  Head of DKK Sukoharjo, dr Subiyantoro Guntur on Saturday (9/3), revealed that the rampant cases of dengue and chikungunya affected due to environmental cleanliness.

                  "Dengue cases we expect to increase this year. Past year 2012, dengue cases found only 45 cases. However, in 2013, within two months of the beginning, already 39 cases. This is due to environmental factors. We appealed people to intensive cleaning up the environment and PSN,'' pleaded Dr. Thunder.

                  Head of the District Health Office (DKK) Sukoharjo, dr Subiyantoro Guntur on Monday (14/1) said that a report into DKK per January 14, 2013, there were 100 residents who suffer from Chikungunya.

                  The amount is spread over three districts, including in the village of Tawang (Weru) there were 54 residents, Village Kamal (Bulu) there are 10 residents, the Village Pojok (Tawangsari) 17 residents, Grajegan (Tawangsari) six residents, Watu Bonang (Tawangsari) eight residents, and Pundungrejo (Tawangsari) five citizens.

                  DKK also provides powder Abate for free distribution to residents. Abate powder was distributed through health centers in each district. The procedure to obtain powder Abate go through letters RT / RW locals.
                  Reporter: Edy Setiyoko
                  Editor: Hazliansyah


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                    Indonesia: 2013 Chikungunya outbreaks in East Jakarta


                    165 East Jakarta People Suffered from Chikungunya

                    BERITAJAKARTA.COM — 07/05/2013 18:19:43

                    Aside from the dangers of Dengue Fever (DBD), during transitory season such as this one, the citizens were asked to be vigilant with other diseases such as chikungunya, because in East Jakarta, based on the local Health Sub Department there are 165 citizens who suffered from that disease.

                    Those 165 chikungunya sufferers consist of 10 citizens in Palmeriam Urban Village, 22 citizens in Cakungbarat, 15 citizens in Jatinegara, 20 citizens in Pondokkelapa, 11 citizens in Rawaterate, 16 citizens in Pondokbambu, 6 citizens in Cipinangmelayu, 16 citizens in Halim Perdanakusumah, 25 citizens in Makasar and 24 citizens in Pondokkopi. “From such number, there is not found died people,” said Safarudin, Head of East Jakarta Health Sub Department, Tuesday (5/7)...


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                      Indonesia: 2013 Chikungunya outbreaks


                      Chikungunya outbreak hits Nganjuk
                      The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Archipelago | Mon, November 11 2013, 11:26 PM

                      The chikungunya disease has infected hundreds of people living in Sudimoroharjo village, Nganjuk regency, East Java...


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                        Re: Indonesia: 2013 Chikungunya outbreaks


                        Residents warned of Chikungunya virus
                        by on 2013-12-21

                        The Bali Health Office has warned residents of Denpasar and other places on the island of possible outbreaks of the chikungunya virus during the current rainy season.

                        Ketut Suarjaya, head of the health office, said on Friday that his office had received reports of chikungunya cases from Gianyar and Klungkung regencies and Denpasar.

                        “The transition period from dry to wet season has facilitated the spread of various tropical diseases such as dengue fever and chikunguya,” Suarjaya said...