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Ethiopia: 2019 Chikungunya

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  • Ethiopia: 2019 Chikungunya


    Chikungunya Outbreak Sweeps Dire Dawa City in Ethiopia
    By Staff Reporter

    ChikungunyaAugust 16, 2019 ( -- An outbreak of Chikungunya disease has swept Dire Dawa city in easern Ethiopia. Chikungunya is a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes.

    The city's health bureau disclosed that about 4000 cases of Chikungunya disease have so far been reported in the city, mainly in Dechatu district.

    The chikungunya virus is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. The disease, which is common in Tanzania and Mozambique, was first reported in Ethiopia in 2016 at Keberidhar and Dolo Ado towns, near Kenya and Somalia borders.

    The disease was also reported in March this year in the Afar Regional State of Ethiopia. The latest outbreak has infected many more people than last time, when just 10 people were reported infected...

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    15,192 Ethiopians infected by Chikungunya outbreak
    Source: Xinhua| 2019-08-29 23:33:09|Editor: yan

    ADDIS ABABA, Aug.29 (Xinhua) -- An outbreak of Chikungunya disease has infected 15, 192 individuals, an Ethiopian official said on Thursday.

    Mesfin Wossen, Provisional Director of Ethiopia Public Health Institute (PHI), said his organization has so far registered 15,192 Chikungunya patients, reported state media outlet Ethiopia Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).

    Chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes. It is rarely fatal, and symptoms are generally self-limiting and last two to three days.

    Wossen said there have been no fatalities from the Chikungunya outbreak which occurred in the eastern Dire Dawa city, in part due to proactive measures undertaken by PHI to treat patients timely.

    Chikungunya, which has similar clinical signs with dengue cases, previously affected Ethiopia's Somali, Afar, and Southern regional states...


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      Chikungunya disease outbreak affects 20,000 people in Ethiopia
      By CGTN Africa -
      3 hours ago

      Ethiopia announced on Tuesday that the number of its nationals infected by a Chikungunya disease outbreak has reached 20,000.

      In a press statement, the Ethiopia Public Health Institute (EPHI), said although Ethiopia has conducted an extensive anti-Chikungunya spray campaign in the disease’s epicenter, the eastern city of Dire Dawa, there was still a spike in the number of Chikungunya sufferers.

      On Thursday EPHI had disclosed 15, 192 Ethiopians had been infected by Chikungunya disease outbreak...


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        Ethiopia chikungunya outbreak: Slight decrease in cases reported
        by News Desk
        October 1, 2019

        In update on the chikungunya outbreak in Ethiopia, officials report an additional 3618 new suspect cases during the past week from neighborhoods in the Dire Dawa City. This is a slight decrease in cases compared to recent weeks.

        To date, 46,326 chikungunya cases have been reported since the end of July. No deaths have been recorded...


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          Ethiopia chikungunya update: Nearly 2,000 additional cases reported
          by News Desk
          November 18, 2019

          In a follow-up on the chikungunya outbreak in Ethiopia, nearly 2,000 additional suspected cases have been reported in recent weeks, bringing the outbreak total from Dire Dawa City Administrative City and Araf regions to 53,238 cases since the end of July...