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Health officials performing inspection against dengue, hantavirus and the A-H1N1

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  • Health officials performing inspection against dengue, hantavirus and the A-H1N1

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    Inspection Program
    Health officials performing inspection against dengue, hantavirus and the A-H1N1

    So far there have been three thousand inspections in various parts of Las Tablas.


    LOS SANTOS. In order to raise public awareness on prevention of diseases such as dengue, hantavirus and the A-H1N1, officials from the Ministry of Health (MOH) in the region of Los Santos started the inspection program in the seven districts make the province.

    The program, which began in the district of Las Tablas, will extend schedules and journey to the different townships of the district head and thus gradually to all parts of Los Santos.


    Dr. Ja?n Kenya Zambrano, Regional Director of Health in the province of Los Santos, said the inspection program lasts three months, as it covers the last weeks of the rainy season that emphasizes prevention of dengue virus and -H1N1, and the first weeks of the dry season, where people should be aware of the problem of hantavirus.

    He said the staff responsible for these inspections are properly trained, as Brazilian experts in the area of health, visited Panama to train officials.

    The director said that this program will be implemented throughout the country and in the province of Los Santos, after the Las Tablas district, will be up to Pocr?.


    'It is necessary for people to be educated and learn about these diseases, so we ask your assistance in performing these days of inspection and thus prevent subsequent health problems, "said the doctor.

    He also reported that so far there have been three thousand inspections and found 594 homes closed, as calls for the public to be alert to the visits of officials of the Ministry of Health.

    The doctor stressed that such inspections will occur in every corner of the province of Los Santos, that at the call of the inhabitants of Tronosa in Tonos? district because they say health officials never sprayed for that region, where there are plenty of mosquitoes and other insects.

    For his part, Dr. Delfina S?ez, coordinator of Vector and Sanitation Department of the Ministry of Health, asked the public to keep their homes clean, remove stagnant water and hygienic acatacar to prevent the spread of these diseases.

    'It is very important to keep their homes and their yards clean, and if you have crops, store them to avoid rodents, "said Saez.

    Similarly, adding that in public places should be avoided raising animals like pigs and should be cleaned lots Vivaldi.

    The officials said that they punish people after the inspections continue in the practice of habits that promote the spread of these viruses.