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Panama, influenza 2018

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  • Panama, influenza 2018

    CSS reports death of patient due to influenza A (H1N1) in David

    Medical authorities of the Rafael Hernández regional hospital, of the Social Security Fund (CSS), in David, province of Chiriquí, confirmed the death of a 50-year-old patient with influenza A (H1N1). According to the CSS, this patient was admitted to the emergency department of the aforementioned hospital and died 12 hours later in the intensive care unit. "The patient, from the district of David, came with pneumonia and thanks to the active epidemiological surveillance of this hospital, all the tests were done, which gave positive results to this pathology, who also suffered from other comorbidities," explained Reinel Camargo , medical director of the Rafael Hernández regional hospital. The CSS reported that, in the province of Chiriqui, from May to July of this year, 24,377 doses of tetravalent vaccine against influenza have been applied.