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Panama, influenza 2016: 64 deaths and 4150 hospitalized - national alert declared

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    First victim of A-H1N1 in Chiriqui

    The H1N1 virus left behind the first victim in the province of Chiriqu?.Se is a 47-year-old from the district of David, who remained hospitalized at Rafael Hern?ndez hospital for five d?as.Ericka Fergunson, department of Epidemiology, Ministry of Health (MOH) in Chiriqui, explained that this is a patient who arrived with seven days of symptoms of H1N1 and complication box respiratoria.'Este patient had risk factors that led to complication and we are making the call to the population so that you have symptoms, consult primary care 'dijo.La epidemiologist also explained that currently in Chiriqu? there is another adult over 92 years in serious condition with the virus and about 13 cases that have tested positive of which only five remain hospitalizados.El other cases remain stable with flu and fever picture.


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      MoH: 13 dead and 547 hospitalized for influenza

      A 13 the number of deaths from influenza rises so confirmed Monday Health Minister, Francisco Javier Terrientes, who said that in Panama 547 people required hospitalization for complications, of which 57 are in care in what he intensivos.Explic? far in 2016, there are 40,000 cases of flu, being a "very important figure ... we never imagined that we would have so many people hospitalized and the dead" .Agreg? that there are 150,000 vaccines distributed throughout the country, but said it is " impossible "at this time vaccinating all Panamanians because" we do not have the logistical capacity right now. "


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        Two killed by AH1N1 in Colon

        The Ministry of Health in Columbus, reported that occurred in the months of May and June 2 deaths of patients with A (H1N1), but also had another enfermedad.Mayra Navalo, director of Health said that these two people traveled frequently to capital.Se?al? inside and can not determine whether his death was given by a (H1N1) or disease that currently there are 7 presentaban.Anunci? suspected cases and one is in care will intensivos.Pidi? not be alarmed community and meet washing hands and not greet with kisses and shaking hands.

        El Ministerio de Salud en Colón, informó que se dieron en los meses de mayo y junio dos defunciones  de pacientes que tenían A (H1N1), pero además presentaban otra enfermedad.Mayra Návalo, directora de Salud dijo que estas dos personas viajaban con frecuencia al interior y a la capital.Señaló que no pueden determinar si su fallecimiento se dio por A (H1N1) o por la enfermedad que presentaban.


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          18 dead from flu

          Virus influenza A (H1N1) has killed 18 people in Panama and 607 affected with severe respiratory illness has been hospitalized. The number of deaths is higher than in 2009, when the global epidemic broke out and 12 deaths were recorded in the country.The director of the Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies (ICGES), Nestor Sosa, said that of the 18 deaths per flu, only 3 had no known risk factors, while the rest were in the risk group with symptoms of other diseases arrastre.Lo is true that the figures of the last week reveal that every other day is dying a person from the virus. The greater involvement occurs in Panama Metro and San Miguelito.Las authorities of the Ministry of Health and Social Security Fund (CSS) have vaccinated more than 800,000 people and await the arrival of 1,180,000 additional doses.

          El virus de influenza A (H1N1) ya ha matado a 18 personas en Panamá y 607 afectados con enfermedades respiratorias graves ha sido hospitalizados. El número de muertes es mayor al de 2009, cuando se desató la epidemia mundial y se registraron 12 decesos en el país.El director del Instituto Conmemorativo Gorgas de Estudios de la Salud (ICGES), Néstor Sosa, indicó que de los 18 fallecidos por la gripe, solo 3 no tenían factor de riesgo conocido, en tanto que el resto estaba dentro del grupo de riesgo con un cuadro de otras enfermedades de arrastre.


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            MoH reports third death from A (HINI) in Veraguas

            A 72-year-old native district of Sona became the third deceased due to respiratory virus infections Influenza A (H1N1) in the province of Veraguas.La information was given at a press conference Dr. Hector Torres , director of the Health Veraguas region, which also announced that positive cases by a (H1N1) in this province amounted to 36 of which most remain hospitalizados.El physician said that there are still 4 other people killed by respiratory infections which is awaiting the results of tests to determine whether they are also due to influenza a (H1N1).

            Un paciente de 72 años oriundo del distrito de Soná se convirtió en la tercera persona fallecida a causa de infecciones respiratorias por el virus de la Influenza A (H1N1) en la provincia de Veraguas.La información la ofreció en conferencia de prensa el doctor Héctor Torres, director de la región de Salud de Veraguas, donde también se dio a conocer que los casos positivos por A (H1N1) en esta provincia ascendieron a 36 de los cuales la mayoría permanecen hospitalizados.


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              Breakdown in health centers and polyclinics

              Amid the epidemiological alert for influenza A (H1N1) virus that has claimed 18 victims between May and June 2016, Health Minister, Francisco Javier Terrientes resigned, just yesterday when thousands of people crowded in health facilities in vacunas.Con looking for their children in their arms and accompanied by older adults, many touched their dawn in search of the desired vaccine against the deadly virus.Las polyclinics of Social Security Fund (CSS) and health centers of the Ministry of health (MoH), they did not crude. Panamanians, Colombians, Dominicans, Venezuelans, among others were from before sunup waiting for the vaccine, just one day after the conference in the Palace of the Herons, where it was announced that in addition to people with risk factor, it would be injected to people of all edades.En the rows, all kinds of comments impatient citizens who were waiting for the dose that would become the protective shield against influenza a (H1N1) were heard .
              'We have no more quotas for older adults, playing them back tomorrow, because the quota for the day sold out', shouted the early hours of the morning a nurse weight gain and scowling with grave voice had to do unpleasant ads impatient patients still waiting for a vacuna.Hab?a beneficiaries of SSC and the MoH, of all ages, men and women, children in school uniform, some in pajamas and slippers; others in work clothes, alone, accompanied or family waited for their vacuna.?Hasta when? pregnant woman shouted impatiently saying that if I kept waiting, was going to faint or would lose the fruit in her womb because her stomach pains a cup of coffee and could not take longer than feet.

              El titular de Salud abandonó el cargo este martes. Al frente de la cartera sanitaria está el viceministro Miguel Mayo


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                Up to 22 dead from influenza A (H1N1)

                The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced Wednesday that June 15 rose to 22 dead product of influenza A (H1N1) and 671 people reported affected with severe respiratory symptoms.

                On June 13 the government reported that 18 people had died in the country for influenza A H1N1. West Panama, Colon, David, Santiago, San Miguelito and Aguadulce are some of the areas where muertes.Las new deaths were registered were recorded in the provinces of Veraguas, Colon and Panama West. These cases are investigated by health authorities and also had risk factors.

                El Ministerio de Salud (Minsa) anunció este miércoles 15 de junio que aumentaron a 22 los muertos producto de la gripe A (H1N1) y que se reportan 671 personas afectadas con cuadros respiratorios severos....


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                  Panama health minister resigns amid deadly swine flu outbreak

                  Panama's health minister resigned today, the government said, amid a swine flu outbreak that has claimed 22 lives and sparked a panicked rush for vaccinations.

                  Francisco Javier Terrientes "today presented his resignation from his post for professional reasons," the government said in a statement.

                  It added that President Juan Carlos Varela had appointed the deputy health minister, Miguel Mayo, to take Terrientes' place.

                  Panama's hospitals and clinics are overrun by people wanting vaccinations against the A(H1N1) flu virus which has proved particularly dangerous this year in Panama.

                  Since early May, 22 people have died of the virus and 671 were hospitalized, of whom nearly half remain admitted and 38 are in intensive care.


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                    Increases to 24 deaths from influenza A (H1N1)

                    National health doctor, Itza Barahona de Mosca, reported that still hold 278 people hospitalized with acute respiratory failure, of which 30 are in intensive care units.

                    One died from influenza A (H1N1) was reported in the last 48 hours, bringing the toll from the virus reached 23 since the outbreak of this disease emerged, latent in the country since 2009. The national doctor of health, Itza Barahona de Mosca, reported that still hold 278 people hospitalized with acute respiratory failure, of which 30 are in intensive care units. Tonight arrive in the country, 300,000 additional doses of flu vaccine, which will be supplied from noon tomorrow, in 159 health facilities and in two public places in the capital, which are the Omar Park and the sports complex Santa Marta, in San Miguelito.


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                      Three potential victims by A (H1N1) in Panama Oeste

                      One of the deceased is a woman of 62 years in the health center Capira, the other a 9 year old girl who came to the polyclinic Santiago Barraza in La Chorrera, and 20 year old with cerebral palsy.

                       Tres muertes se han suscitado en Panamá Oeste en los últimos días y se sospecha que pueden haber sido a causa del virus A (H1N1), según dio a conocer el doctor Joaquín Chang, director regional de salud en esa región. Una de las personas fallecidas es una señora de 62 años en el centro de salud de Capira, la otra una niña de 9 años que llegó a la policlínica Santiago Barraza en La Chorrera, y un joven de 20 años que padecía una parálisis cerebral. Chang informó que están a la espera los resultados de los exámenes para c


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                        Second death from A (H1N1) during alert in the province of Chiriqui

                        A second death from influenza virus A (H1N1) since the alert registrr? nationwide this Friday morning in the Chiriqui province began. This is Luis Saldana, 50 years old, who was held at the Rafael Hernandez David, where he also had other complications like kidney problems regional hospital. Currently in the province of Chiriqui go 7 positive cases, of which 2 have become fatalities and 5 remain hospitalized, including a minor girl being held in the maternity hospital of Obaldia Jos? Domingo child.

                         Una segunda muerte por el virus de influenza A (H1N1) desde que se dio la alerta a nivel nacional se registrró la mañana de este viernes en la provincia de Chiriquí. Se trata de Luis Saldaña, de 50 años de edad ,quien  estaba recluido en el hospital regional Rafael Hernández de David, donde también presentaba otras complicaciones como problemas renales. Actualmente en la provincia de Chiriqui van 7 casos positivos, de los cuales 2 se han convertido en víctimas fatales y 5 se mantienen hospitalizados, entre ellos u


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                          MoH confirmed 27 deaths from the A (H1N1)

                          The Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed four new deaths from the virus influenza A (H1N1), increasing to 27 victims, explained Itza Barahona de Mosca, Director General of Health statistics MINSA.Las infected with this virus also increased to 1,177 people, of which 800 have been discharged from alta.Las health authorities recommend people who meet basic hygiene measures like hand washing, if you sneeze cover your mouth and nose to reduce the possibility itself of contracting the a (H1N1) TONIGHT arrive in the country 680 thousand doses to be used for the vaccination campaign that takes place throughout the country for vulnerable people, being these patients with chronic illnesses, children under 5 years adults over 60 years.


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                            Two new deaths from A (H1N1), increase to 29 victims

                            Two new victims claimed the influenza A (H1N1), increasing to 29 deaths from the virus in Panama, Itza Barahona de Mosca, director general of health, Ministry of Health (MoH) .One of the reported victims was recorded in Arraij?n, a woman 46 years without risk factor and the second victim in San Miguelito, a woman of 24 years in vulnerable conditions, detailed Barahona.Las MoH authorities and the Social Security Fund (CSS) reiterate that the most critical phase of cold delay between 3 and 5 days, but if patients have symptoms of respiratory distress and vomiting should seek medical attention urgencia.Si have the flu should avoid crowded places, avoid going to school or work and if you request it requires disability centers health, reiterated the autoridades.Desde on April 22, the date the government has implemented 1.2 million vaccines in the country.

                            Las autoridades reiteran seguir las medidas de prevención y acudir al médico si tienen síntomas de alarma, dificultad respiratoria y vómitos


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                              Increase the number of deaths from A (H1N1)

                              The number of deaths from influenza virus A (H1N1) rises to 31 after two more deaths were confirmed, according to the latest report by the health authorities issued ayer.Las two new deaths are elderly, a woman 57 and 66. the first man lived in Capira, Panama province West, and the second, a resident in the December 24, district of Panama.

                              La cifra de muertes por el virus de influenza A (H1N1) se eleva a 31, luego de que se confirmaran dos nuevas muertes, según el último reporte de las autoridades de Salud emitido ayer.Las nuevas muertes corresponden a dos adultos mayores, una mujer de 57 años y un hombre de 66. La primera vivía en Capira, provincia de Panamá Oeste, y el segundo, residente en la 24 de Diciembre, distrito de Panamá.


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                                Infant dies of influenza virus A (H1N1)

                                A fourth death from the virus influenza A (H1N1) since the alert was given at national level by the Ministry of Health was registered in the province of Chiriqui yesterday, domingo.Se is a female patient, less than one year and two months from the Ng?be-Bugle, who had been transferred from the hospital in Changuinola in Bocas del Toro to the Jose Domingo de Obaldia maternal and child hospital in David, Chiriqui, where he also had respiratory complications.

                                Una cuarta muerte por el virus de influenza A (H1N1) desde que se dio la alerta a nivel nacional por el Ministerio de Salud se  registró en la provincia de Chiriquí  ayer, domingo.Se trata de una paciente femenina, menor de un año y dos meses , proveniente de la comarca  Ngäbe-Buglé,  quien había sido trasladada desde el hospital de Changuinola en Bocas del Toro hacia el hospital materno infantil José Domingo de Obaldía en David, Chiriquí, donde también presentaba complicaciones respiratorias.