The Medical Director of the Ministry of health in Chiriqui, Roux's Santiago, confirmed the existence of three cases of influenza A (H1N1) in adult patients attended at the Regional Hospital of David and the Materno Infantil Jose Domingo de Obald?a, all in David.

The first of the cases was one patient who was admitted to the mother and child hospital, Jos? Domingo de Obald?a, who was treated in time and evolving favorably, said Roux.

The other two cases in adults, were also treated in time, monitored them symptoms and were also discharged, to evolve favourably without any complication, said doctor.

'Among the adults treated cases had one that was suffering from kidney problems, which was given the treatments on time and is out of danger', said the doctor.

The Ministry of health is investigating where these three patients predisposition acquired the virus A (H1N1).

' There is no alert for the time being, only the controls we follow in hospitals and the request to the community of constant hand washing, avoid crowds and attend emergency rooms ', said the official of the Ministry of health.

H1N1 influenza has as symptoms, fever above 39 degrees, cough, headache, muscle pain, loss of appetite and nausea and congestion nasal.