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Panama: Two-year-old girl with flu A (H1N1)

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  • Panama: Two-year-old girl with flu A (H1N1)

    The first one goes. Yesterday, the Department of Health (MINSA) guy confirmed the first case of influenza A (H1N1). 2-year-old minor talks each other about one and 9 months, but according to the System of Epidemiologic Alertness of the Metropolitan Region of Health, the affected one he is out of danger, in his residence.
    Before this situation, the Department of Promotion and Prevention of the Health ordered to all the 14 regions of Health in the whole country, to carry to extremes the campaigns of concienciaci?n on the importance of the hand wash, which is the most efficient form to diminish the transmission of this illness.
    Also the authorities of Health recommend to the population to be covered with the forearm on having coughed or having sneezed, having washed their hands in 30 seconds constantly and having avoided automedicarse in case of presenting symptoms gripales, as well as avoiding to go to the school or to the work during the period of development of the picture gripal.