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22 deaths from influenza A in Honduras

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    Up to 22 deaths due to influenza

    The authorities of the Ministry of Health confirmed today that deaths due to influenza or influenza rose to 22 this week. The last death is an eight-month-old boy from the Williams neighborhood of the city of Choluteca. This was reported by Omar Mejía, member of the Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health, who also said that "the child had a respiratory complication." He commented that "the child had several days of being with a clinical picture with a cough and the parents looked for a late hospital care".


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      Children continue to die from H1N1 influenza

      The authorities of the Ministry of Health confirmed the death number 22 due to H1N1 influenza in Honduras. It is a boy of just eight months old, who died in the Hospital del Sur in Choluteca due to type B influenza. Also, the death of another minor always in the southern zone is investigated; who would raise the death toll to 23, if laboratory tests confirm the presence of the virus. According to figures from the Ministry of Health, to date there have been around 357 people infected with influenza, most of them in the departments of Francisco Morazán and Cortés. Of these, 44 are minors and of the twelve who have died, seven were from Tegucigalpa and five from Choluteca.