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2nd A/H1N1 death (suspect) reported in Honduras

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  • 2nd A/H1N1 death (suspect) reported in Honduras


    A second child would be dead of influenza A-H1N1
    The small two-year-old died in hospital isolation room Mario Rivas. Health authorities expect the results of the laboratory of Tegucigalpa.
    30.06.09 - Updated: 30.06.09 05:12 pm - Lilian Mejia:

    San Pedro Sula, Honduras

    A child of two years could be the second fatality of influenza A-H1N1.

    According to epidemiologists, has not yet been confirmed by laboratory case of Tegucigalpa, however, the symptoms that the child had indicated that it could be this scary virus.

    Little Mario Rivas admitted to hospital last Friday night and died in the isolation room of the center on Saturday at noon, after being 12 hours on mechanical ventilation.

    The child came from Arena Blanca, El Progreso, Yoro.

    Influenza A H1N1-or dengue
    Maria Luisa Pineda, the hospital epidemiologist, who reported the results of the samples to confirm or rule out the case.

    "He entered with a positive review of a private clinic where he was during five days of," said the specialist.

    The epidemiologist is not denied that it was another seasonal influenza viruses as dengue hemorrhagic fever.

    "His clinical picture had many aspects to the suspicion of dengue hemorrhagic fever, respiratory complications including bleeding and had low platelets," lamented the galena.

    Although the record of the child has no reports of epidemiological links, the specialist said that the virus was already in the country and did not need contact with an infected abroad.

    "These are two diseases that lower the defenses and can cause two different tables simultaneously," said Pineda.

    In Mario Rivas filters where treating patients with breathing problems due to changed site rainfall.

    Since the alert patients were received in two tents at the entrance of the hospital are now treated in the vicinity of the isolated area.

    Expected outcomes
    Despite the 118 confirmed cases in the country, recorded one death and another suspect, are still awaiting the results of dozens of samples.

    Nelly Amador, a microbiologist from the Region of California Department of Health said they have not received further information regarding the influenza A-H1N1.

    "The central laboratory have told us that the political crisis in that country have had to suspend work. Health workers do everything possible to care for patients, "said Amador.

    The microbiologist said to be patient because the country only one laboratory and have to wait.

    "They have to prioritize the samples and make them gradually in this area the number of suspects has been reduced, because we do not know if walking at the fair or the anxiety that is in the country," he said.

    The first case of influenza A-H1N1 in the country was recorded on May 21 in a girl of nine years.

    Already reported the first fatality, a woman with six weeks' gestation who died on 12 this month, but the case was confirmed by health authorities until 10 days later.

    The area with more cases of influenza A-H1N1 in the country has been the department of CortÚs infected with about 96, between children and adults.