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Honduras confirms 1st. death from influenza AH1N1

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  • Honduras confirms 1st. death from influenza AH1N1

    Honduras confirms 1st. death from influenza AH1N1

    21.06.09 -


    A 23 year old pregnant womanl is the first confirmed fatality from influenza A H1N1 in Honduras. Despite the progress of the pandemic, the Government is not a prevention campaign.

    The couple is originally from Santa Rosa de Copán, was 6 weeks pregnant and was suffering from a pulmonary bronchitis. At first they drove the husband of the deceased was taken to the Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital in San Pedro Sula, but the Health Minister, Carlos Aguilar, denied the information that the man was arguing with the disease and is a resident of Choloma, Cortés .

    Also, today the Head of Health Surveillance, Marco Pinel, confirmed more than ten cases of the virus H1N1 in Honduras, which brings the total to 118 Hondurans affected by the flu which has claimed its first death in the country .

    Minister of Health of Honduras and promotes influenza minimizes the 4th urn

    Until yesterday, the authorities had confirmed 108 confirmed influenza A-H1N1 seems to care little to promote the fourth urn owner of Health, Carlos Aguilar.

    Apparently, this policy is on the health of all Hondurans. Proof of this is that the minister travels each week to San Pedro Sula to comply with the orders of President Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

    In health centers, the doctors and nurses complained about the lack of protective equipment and the same happens in hospitals, where patients arrive daily suspected of carrying the virus.

    The infected are kept in 108, though the focal points to send daily samples to be analyzed.

    The delay in delivery of results is yet another of the complaints are not considered by health authorities, because even if a laboratory was installed in the country, the results are not published immediately.

    Delivery of results is extended up to ten days, according to the owner of Health, to avoid accumulating more concern to the population.


    The state of emergency was declared because of the virus in late April in the country.

    In announcing the alert was promised the acquisition of mechanical ventilators to equip the focal points as the National Institute Cardiopulmonary, Chest, buying still is not concrete.

    Another promise is not fulfilled yet is producing 10 thousand treatments of Tamiflu.

    Currently, until the reagents for the testing of suspect cases have been rationed since hardly had a kit provided by members of the World Health Organization, WHO.

    In his defense, Aguilar said they made the request for input from WHO and if necessary will be requested on loan to the countries of Central America.

    "The problem is due to the large number of samples taken. To date some 800 van, "said the official.


    The measures taken by the population, such as the use of masks and the washing of hands, are the preventive rules that have helped to prevent further spread of the virus particles.

    Experts advise people to continue prevention measures and not to go to places and restrict the kiss of greeting and handshake.

    Cleanses schools SPS

    Meanwhile, in San Pedro Sula operations continue today in schools that have reported cases of influenza A-H1N1.

    The health brigades use the rest of the Fair Juniana in schools and public schools and private schools for cleaning fluid antepandémicos.

    Newsletters are also being placed on educational and antibacterial baths for hygiene of children.

    While the former is involved centers where people were reported infected, then take into account all other educational establishments of the department of Cortés.

    The Region of California Department of Health and the metropolitan area have to spray 60 termonebulizadoras schools and colleges.

    According to the timetable of Health, today is sprayed in the schools of Carmen Lomas, Lomas de San Juan, Luis García Bustamante, Miguel Paz Barahona, Satellite and Spring.

    The day is intended to speak more than 20 schools and colleges to keep clean when the students return to classes.

    Probable cases

    Mauricio Castellanos, director of the Region of California Department of Health, said they expect results of 70 probable cases.

    About Fair Juniana, the doctor recommended to people with symptoms not to attend public events to avoid the virus spreading.

    He added that according to the guidelines of the WHO, it is not necessary to cancel events, but everyone should keep their own actions and not be a victim of the disease.
    “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
    Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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    Re: Honduras confirms 1st. death from influenza AH1N1


    Google translation:

    One woman, the first human fatality of influenza in Honduras

    * By: Agency | 2009-06-22

    Source: Reuters
    Figure rises to 118 people infected with the virus AH1N1 in Honduras, the authorities reported the first death, this is a woman of 23 years

    Tegucigalpa, Honduras, June 22, 2009 .- A woman of 23 years became the first fatality due to influenza A in Honduras, while the cases of people who have contracted the disease rose to 118, reported on Monday an official source.

    Health Secretary, Carlos Aguilar, said at a news conference that the patient died several days after being discharged from a hospital in the western city of Santa Rosa de Copan.

    He added that the patient with a pregnancy of six weeks, had been hospitalized for several weeks was in the public hospital in Santa Rosa de Copan, and the first examinations to be performed were negative.

    However, Aguilar underscored by the clinical picture of the patient underwent further examinations and confirmed that this is the first fatality due to influenza A.

    The secretary did not specify the day the patient died or identified by name.

    The incidence of infection with the virus AH1N1, owner of Health indicated that increased to 118, after that last week there had been 108.

    Ten new cases were registered in the departments of Cortes, Yoro, and Copan in northern and western Honduras, and relate to people ranging from five to 30 years.

    However, one patient of 73 years who has been hospitalized in San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in the country, he added.

    The rest of the patients is safe and there is no hospital, according to Aguilar, who also said the government has enough medicine to meet the emergency by influenza A.

    The first case of influenza A in Honduras was confirmed by the Health Secretary last May 21 and was a girl of nine years in San Pedro Sula


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      Re: Honduras confirms 1st. death from influenza AH1N1


      Google translation:

      A pregnant woman, the first fatality of H1N1 virus in Honduras
      The girl was admitted with a picture of severe asthma to the hospital in the West
      22.06.09 - Updated: 22.06.09 12:28 pm - Writing:

      Tegucigalpa, Honduras

      Health authorities this morning confirmed the first death due to H1N1 virus in Honduras.

      This is a couple of 23 years, originally from Santa Rosa de Copán, with 6 months of gestation, reported the Health Minister Carlos Aguilar from the Chest Hospital in Tegucigalpa.

      The woman was admitted to emergency hospital in the West with a picture of bronchial asthma and died three hours after a respiratory arrest. Health authorities confirmed Monday that he was suffering from influenza H1N1.

      According to the initial radio, the husband of the couple had been admitted on suspicion of suffering from the flu. However, health authorities rule out infection.

      Suman infections

      Also, today the Head of Health Surveillance, Marco Pinel, confirmed more than ten cases of the virus H1N1 in Honduras, which brings the total to 118 Hondurans affected by the flu which has claimed its first death in the country . The last report was 108 cases.

      Most cases, Pinel said, are of northern Honduras. The first case of H1N1 flu in Honduras was announced by President Manuel Zelaya in May.

      He described that have investigated 759 suspected cases, of which 243 came out positive for influenza A, and 118 confirmed as influenza A H1N1.

      Despite the considerable increase in the swine flu infection in Honduras, the government has been accused by several sectors of not having an emergency plan against the disease and to focus their interest in the topic of the fourth ballot box. Indeed, public hospitals are medications to prevent disruption of the H1N1 flu.

      The swine flu has not only claimed its first fatality and dozens of people affected, but has also increased absenteeism, authorities said this morning the Honduran Social Security Institute (IHSS).

      A virus (H1N1) and contaminated with 52.170 people in 100 countries and territories, leaving 232 dead, according to the latest report from the World Health Organization (WHO) published on Monday.