The authorities of the Department of Health intensified his control panel because in the hospitals of Quetzaltenango four cases flu were already confirmed A (H1N1), pandemic classification, in children younger than five years

QUETZALTENANGO - The epidemiólogo of the Area of Health, Juan Carlos Moir, confirmed that of 133 samples in study, four have been positive; two cases were detected Coatepeque and other Xelajú.

“ It worries us because we did not have cases of (H1N1) pandemic and the detected ones are children. There are two cases in Coatepeque and two Xela, but one was proveniente of the national hospital of Huehuetenango ”, mentioned Moir.

Guy added that there are 20 cases of influence type A (stationary) and five B where the majority affected are children and persons of the third age.

“ In the hospitals major control has been requested. One is treating our patients with medicines but there is not others to request the family parents that they support the corresponding hygiene ” he concluded.