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Guatemala - 65 patients with influenza A H1N1

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  • Guatemala - 65 patients with influenza A H1N1

    The last report on the situation of Influenza Estacional in Guatemala, which prepared the National Center of Epidemiología (CNE), added 22 new cases of influenza A H1N1 and other 11 of influenza B to the national statistics. On March 15, the Department of Health affirmed that 43 persons had picked up the virus of the first one and 12 of the second one.

    Also, in this date, the registered cases of Respiratory Sharp Infections (IRA) were 43 thousand 661 less than the brought 2 days later.

    To the date, the CNE knew 796 suspicious cases of Seasonal influenza, of which it discarded 702 and 88 confirmed, of these 65 H1N1 and 23 gave positive to the virus of influenza A to influenza B.

    The National Laboratory of Health (LNS) has hanging the delivery of the results of six suspicious samples.