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Jalapa: one case of influenza B

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  • Jalapa: one case of influenza B

    Élder Breach, the director of the Hospital, mentioned that the minor was interned three days, and that he is already in his housing.

    He added that the girl and his family are monitoreadas for personnel of Health, to prepare any sprout.

    According to Breach, to six children with respiratory serious problems also tests were carried out, to determine if they are carriers of this type of influenza.

    The doctor added that this nosocomio is provided with treatment to fight the influenza, but not with the vaccines to prepare her.

    It indicated that the steps so that the Hospital should be provided with the vaccines it depends on the Department of Health.

    In accordance with Breach, in the departmental head there is no center of Health, from what there is no a system of prevention of respiratory illnesses.