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Several Guatemala hospitals in quarantine becouse of H1N1

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  • Several Guatemala hospitals in quarantine becouse of H1N1

    The authorities of Health of Guatemala reinforced the measurements of prevention in the whole country, but without paralyzing the classes in schools, after deaths were confirmed on Friday, the four by flu A (H1N1) and the apparent contagion of another 55 persons in nine of 22 departments. Several hospitals of the country were declared in quarantine, with restriction of visits, while the population was intensified called to adopt preventive measurements. The hospitable national network remains from Thursday in “ yellow alert ” .Roberto Pérez, vice-minister of Health, said that 55 persons have detected to themselves with symptoms of the flu A (H1N1) in the departments of Guatemala (in the center of the country), San Marcos and Quetzaltenango (in the west), Alta Verapaz, Casualty Verapaz and The Progress (in the north), as well as Zacapa, Jutiapa and Pink Saint (in the East) .P Pérez confirmed the arrival to Guatemala of 3,000 doses of vaccines Tamiflú against the virus donated by Venezuela, while there for is waited the arrival of another 2,000 doses proceeding from Mexico. Two 52 and 59-year-old men died on Friday because of this illness in the of the capital hospitals Roosevelt and Saint John of God, those of major level in the whole country. One of the deceased had been moved of em

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    Re: Several Guatemala hospitals in quarantine becouse of H1N1

    The Regional Hospital of Occident, HRO, is in Yellow alert from last week, then that in the country will confirm to themselves more than 60 patients' cases with Flu A H1N1.
    During the recent weekend there to were attended two minor patients of age, resident of the urban area of Xela, who were presenting the symptoms of the flu, there indicated the director of the HRO, Édgar Díaz.
    He added that they have sent nine tests for evaluation to laboratories of the Cardinal City, and that two minors of age were examined and sent to his houses.

    The Department of Public Health and Social Assistance Yellow alert declared in the hospitable network of the country, because six dead persons were brought, until yesterday morning, at national level by the Flu TO H1N1; 60 patients confirmed with this virus and the suspicion of possible contagion in 543 patients.
    Juan Carlos Moir, epidemiólogo of the Area of Health of Quetzaltenango, said that the virus is transmitted across sneezes of an infected person.
    The virus remains deposited in the hands or in the ambience, for it it is important to fulfill the measurements of hygiene, like the hand wash often, makes sure Moir.