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4th A/H1N1 death in El Salvador likely

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  • 4th A/H1N1 death in El Salvador likely


    It would be the fourth case
    Evidence confirms that baby died of influenza A
    "The rapid test came out positive for influenza A. Bloom readjust spaces

    A doctor gives a child breathing manually entered the service of Internal Medicine. Ventilation is inadequate.

    * We could stop the festivities from the flu

    Yamileth Caceres / Liseth Wings
    Tuesday, July 14, 2009
    A baby of eight months died yesterday at Hospital Benjamin Bloom, a few hours after being admitted from the hospital Zacatecoluca. The patient died of pneumonia and initial indications suggest that the causative agent is the virus H1N1.

    Eduardo Suarez Castaneda, an adviser to the Ministry of Health, said that the patient suffered a cardiac arrest in the Emergency Service. It was stabilizing, but as he entered the Intermediate Care Unit and underwent another died.

    At the least you had the rapid test gave a positive influenza A and therefore it indicates that health is a probable case of the disease. Most cases are positive for H1N1 virus which indicates the presence of this virus in the population.

    If confirmed in 48 hours, cases of pandemic influenza would rise to four in the country. "It was almost a child who died, had a very severe pneumonia," said Suarez.

    The health system faces a critical juncture for the increase in acute respiratory infections. Inquiries from pneumonia rose to 1,700 last week. The revenue from this cause increased from 641 to 900.

    In the morning, the Ministry of Health reported to be prepared to activate the red alert in the hospital system for the rapid spread of influenza virus. Maria Isabel Rodriguez, Minister of Health, said that within a week waiting to be prepared with equipment, supplies and personnel to cope with the increase of patients.

    However, Bloom Hospital authorities decided to suspend the scheduled surgery to have more space for children with severe pneumonia. Yesterday, at least 20 children were connected to mechanical ventilators and breathing manually in the different services.

    The service enables a hospital to accommodate patients with influenza A. In addition, the management decided to give a provisional intensive care, transfer it to those who have no respiratory infections in this area and not neglecting other patients.