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2 more confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in El Salvadore

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  • 2 more confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in El Salvadore


    Google translation:

    San Salvador
    Reported two new deaths from H1N1 in El Salvador A
    "The new flu deaths amounted to three. The first case of influenza was reported in our country at the end of April

    The Ministry of Health states that children and young people are the groups that are most exposed to new disease. PHOTO / edh
    Yamileth Caceres / R. Benitez
    Thursday, July 9, 2009

    The health ministry reported this morning at a press conference, the deaths of two people infected with influenza A H1N1.

    According to reports the first of the dead was a girl of five months, from the Canton Ojos de Agua of Huiz˙car, La Libertad. The second was a child of nine months, from the Canton Granadillas if La Libertad.

    Small came to the hospital of San Rafael Santa Tecla and died shortly after arriving because of the complications they had. The deaths occurred on July 7 and 5, respectively.

    According to Health, the number of deaths from the new type of influenza amounted to three. Last week reported the death of a child of 9 years.

    With the new deaths, the number of deaths due to influenza amounted to three.

    The girl from Ojos de Agua had complications from heart disease was explained as being the second child was only two hours in the hospital because of the severity of their condition.

    Health said that due to the increase in inquiries and cases of A H1N1 in the country, has been enhanced with the medical mobile units Fosalud.

    Some of these care centers already providing service in Soyapango Unicentro in Apopa, unity Barrios, Benjamin Bloom in the hospital and the Health Unit of Santa Tecla.

    Have also been installed ten monitoring teams to conclude that medical centers will follow the protocols of care for people showing symptoms of the flu.

    Until yesterday, the Ministry of Health had confirmed 370 people infected.

    Are still analyzing the samples that were taken to the inmates of the prisons of La Union and Quezaltepeque. It was also confirmed three students of the National Academy of Public Security as infected.

    A first infection of H1N1 was reported in our country in late April.
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    Re: 2 more confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in El Salvadore


    Thursday, 09 July 2009 / 11:46 h
    And three deaths from influenza A H1/N1
    Claudia Solorzano

    Diario Co Latino Editorial

    The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MSPAS) reported this morning, killing two more children for influenza A H1/N1 in the country.

    The fatalities were a girl of 5 months, from the Ojo de Agua Guangzhou in Huizúcar and a second child 9 months of age, of Canton Granadilla, in the municipality of Santa Tecla.

    "The girl who died had an underlying disease, the diagnosis was tetralogy of Fallot, a heart malformation," said Health Minister Maria Isabel Rodriguez.

    According to health authorities, the children were taken to hospital too late, the two had a critical condition.

    With these data, the Ministry of Health confirmed three deaths caused by new influenza virus, which remains at yellow alert in the departments of La Libertad and San Salvador.

    With the rapid spread of the virus, officials from the Ministry of Health have prepared a contingency plan that includes installing FOSALUD five mobile units in hospitals with the highest concentration of cases of influenza.

    Also, the MSPAS move at least ten monitoring teams throughout the country, aiming to monitor the number of confirmed cases.