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El Salvador - Child died, H1N1 confirmed

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  • El Salvador - Child died, H1N1 confirmed

    Health is investigating whether a child of 9 years died from H1N1 influenza
    "Little died of pneumonia in a private hospital. They performed an autopsy at Bloom Hospital

    Yamileth CACERES / S. JOMA

    WEDNESDAY, JULY 1, 2009

    Public health authorities are investigating whether the influenza virus A H1N1 caused the death of a child of nine years yesterday in a private hospital in San Salvador. The patient, whose name is unknown, died in the morning as a result of pneumonia.

    One of the particularly close to the case reported that there is a "strong suspicion that died for H1N1." The trial performed in the hospital was positive for influenza A, why it was classified as a probable case of infection by the new flu.

    In the afternoon, a team of doctors from the Benjamin Bloom Hospital performed the autopsy of the patient. This type of evidence is almost mandatory in a situation like the present that the country is in a national emergency by the influenza epidemic.

    Eduardo Espinoza, Deputy Minister of Industry Policy, confirmed last night the case and added that the patient had "an inadequate immune, with few white blood cells."

    Circulating in the country three strains of flu A H1N1, and two kinds of stationary. Espinoza expected to be ready today for the laboratory tests to identify the pathogen that caused the death. But the official did not rule out a reconfirmation is required at the CDC in Atlanta, United States.

    Confirmed the presence of virus in the results of the autopsy would be the first death in El Salvador by this virus. In the region, three more nations-Guatemala (2), Honduras (1) and Costa Rica (2) - recorded deaths.

    In the report, 56 the World Health Organization (WHO) had 77.332 cases confirmed H1N1 virus in 121 countries on five continents. In addition, 332 people have died because of this since the start of the outbreak for almost two months in Federal District of Mexico.

    El Salvador recorded 276 confirmed cases, 23 more than in the previous report. According to Public Health, many of those infected are young students from private schools. In fact, the concentration of schools, according to authorities, had been the main focus of infection. This was one of the reasons, besides the increase in consultations for influenza and pneumonia, which led to Health, in coordination with the Ministry of Education to suspend classes for a period of 12 days in the departments of San Salvador and La Libertad . Students returning to classes next July 8.

    The extent of the closure includes teaching and administrative sector. However, at least a dozen schools had staff on the premises, as expressed yesterday by Bartolomé Gil, departmental director of San Salvador. "They are mostly universities and some schools," he said.

    They insist on not moving and self query if the fever is greater than 38 degrees centigrade.
    “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
    Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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    Re: El Salvador - Child died, H1N1 confirmed


    San Salvador
    Child of 9 years, the first fatality from the H1N1 influenza A
    "The victim suffered from severe respiratory problems, said an official

    El Salvador is in a health emergency by the expansion of influenza A H1N1. Children and elderly are the population most susceptible to this disease.
    Carmen Molina Tamacas
    Thursday, July 2, 2009
    A child of nine years has been confirmed as the first fatality in El Salvador A H1N1 virus.

    The Health Ministry said in a statement that the patient resided in Ciudad Delgado, one of the most populous municipalities of San Salvador, Wednesday died yesterday at 10:00 am at the Hospital de Niños Benjamin Bloom.

    "The child received medical care in a health unit in the public system, when he was three days of a catarrhal process, but clinical manifestations secondary to pneumonia increased with a flu, which is why we consulted the Hospital de Niños Benjamin Bloom, being classified as pneumonia, which was prescribed antibiotics and control, "says the source.

    He adds that the family took the child to a private hospital. He was hospitalized, but died in less than 24 hours. The deadly diagnosis has been identified as "septic shock secondary to bronchopneumonia", that means a very severe pneumonia, fulminant evolution, says.

    The central laboratory of the Ministry of Health confirmed this afternoon that the pneumonia caused the death of the child "and is grafted into an influenza A (H1N1), which means that the child is the first fatal victim of the pandemic in the country .

    The agency has sent samples obtained by autopsy of the corpse to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, United States, to determine the cause of death.

    The communiqué ends with an appeal for people to follow the preventive measures to avoid contracting the disease.

    Besides death, El Salvador has 276 confirmed cases, 23 more than the previous report. Most are young students from private schools.


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      Re: El Salvador - Child died, H1N1 confirmed


      San Salvador 20 ° C
      Thursday, July 02, 2009 / 20:53 h
      Confirms first death from H1N1 influenza A
      Editorial Co Latino

      The Ministry of Public Health confirmed the first death this afternoon by the influenza A H1N1 in the country, Jeremiah Hernandez of 9 years, died yesterday at the Benjamin Bloom Hospital due to pneumonia a product of the new flu.

      According to relatives, if there was medical malpractice, but doctors say that the minor's parents attended the hospital too late.

      However the health ministry sent the results of the autopsy to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, United States, to reconfirm the causes of death.

      In El Salvador accumulate 277 new confirmed cases of influenza, 5 probable cases, 86 suspects and 178 patients remained guarded.