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Costa Rica: 31 deaths from influenza H1N1 in this season

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  • Costa Rica: 31 deaths from influenza H1N1 in this season

    Costa Rica Hospitals Preparing for More Cases of H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu)

    Equipment and personnel have been increased following a peak of SARI, severe acute respiratory infections. The San Juan de Dios and Mexico hospitals have areas designated for patients affected by the flu or severe respiratory systems. Additionally, the emergency room of Hospital Mexico has eight beds for this purpose.
    It was unusual that a peak in aggressive cases broke out in mid-December, because it is normally expected in August or September. The delay in the rainy season may be to blame. There have were 11 deaths this season due to the H1N1 influenza virus.
    Hospitals have a protocol, which was updated in 2014, for influenza cases. Health officials are more concerned with the aggressiveness of the cases than the amount of cases.
    Health officials are encouraged to get the influenza vaccination.
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    Costa Rican government confirms 14 dead persons after new outbreak of A H1N1

    Costa Rica confirmed this Wednesday that at least 14 persons died recently for the influenza A H1N1 and this number could increase when there decide the causes of death of another five individuals.

    The Minister of Health Fernando Llorca told in press conference that the deceases registered in the last 22 days and in different localities of the Central American country.

    Nevertheless, it discarded the immediate throwing of a campaign of vaccination and said that they will apply the medicine from April, when the virus circulates with major force.

    To face the new outbreak of the illness, the authorities will carry to extremes the preventive measurements and the alertness in the medical centers to attend on any case with respiratory problems.


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      17 the deceased for A H1N1

      COSTA RICA: It increases to 17 the deceased for A H1N1 / The Free Press / Box is defined: To H1N1 it has already killed 14 persons En tanto the patient of Sarapiqu? de Heredia was 34 years old, nevertheless, associate risk factors have not been identified, since the Costa Rican Box of Social security (CCSS) could not investigate very much on this case, since it usually does by means of the relatives. ? East is actually a patient in whom we have not identified risk factors, but he is a patient that the Box could not investigate very much, because they are cases in which generally it ends up by investigating one with the relatives and in the hospital they could not find a lot of information ?, added Llorca. The Minister of Health pointed out that they will do an investigation to depth in the zone to clarify the case.


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        Maria Luisa ?vila: Government has minimized A H1N1

        COSTA RICA: Maria Luisa ?vila: Government has minimized A H1N1 / The Free Press / They ask to Room for head IV of the Minister of Health for A H1N1 On the subject of the request of removal from office of the minister Fernando Llorca and of the viceminister Maria Esther Anch?a, it pointed out: " It is not up to me to think about if they have to or not to dismiss, since this is obviously a decision of mister Presidente ?. The exminister offered to them a few advices to the current rectors in Health on how facing the situation of respiratory infections and of the sprout of A H1N1, inside which he quotes: 1. That agree between the Costa Rican Box of the Social security and the Department of Health, so that the information that they are always delivering is similar. 2. That improve the communication to the population, because the people have fear great, the people feel that there is no the sufficient information. I am in accordance with that it is not necessary to alarm the population, am in accordance with that it is not an epidemic, but undoubtedly it is an atypical condition. 3. Although it is true mister Ministro pointed out that in 2014 33 persons died and last year they are 17, but they are 17 in very few months and not 33 in the whole year, sound of that time things that they must be explained of better way. Also, it is necessary to give to the population the sufficient safety of which those who are handling this know about what they are speaking.


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          Costa Rica doctors association alarmed by low vacciation rates of personnel as 17 dead from AH1N1 virus

          The Costa Rican Doctors and Surgeons Association said that only 30 percent of the personnel have been vaccinated against AH1N1 at the San Carlos hospital, the site of the largest number of deaths attributed to the respiratory virus known as swine flu. The news comes after the Health Ministry announced the 17th death linked to the virus on Thursday.
          During a visit to the San Carlos hospital in northern Costa Rica, Doctors Association President Alexis Castillo said the staff he spoke with were concerned about the resources available to address the respiratory virus.
          ?They?re asking for more equipment, four heart monitors, staff to support epidemiological monitoring and they?re expressing concern over how aggressive the virus is that?s attacking patients,? Castillo said in a statement Thursday.


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            Health confirms 18 deaths for virus influenza AH1N1

            The laboratory results confirmed a new death for virus influenza AH1N1, with which the number of deceased from December rises up to 18 in the whole country. As confirmed the Minister of Health, Fernando Llorca Castro, the new assertion corresponds to a 49-year-old woman, neighbor of San Ram?n of Alajuela, who San Carlos died in the Hospital, in the same province. ' It had a very important renal insufficiency, it was diabetic, with EPOC (pulmonary obstructive chronic illness) and cardi?pata. This patient did not vaccinate either. In the hospital they bring us that sincitial dies for bronchopneumonia with positive test for respiratory virus. In another later test, it goes out positively for AH1N1. We can say that this person died with AH1N1 ', told the minister.

            Los resultados de laboratorio confirmaron una nueva muerte por virus influenza AH1N1, con lo cual el número de fallecidos desde diciembre se eleva a 18 en todo el país.


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              COSTA RICA: 24 deceased register for A H1N1

              COSTA RICA: 24 deceased register for A H1N1 / The Free Press / ' We have not resigned from the new hospital of Puntarenas ' ' At present we have 24 deceased, two of last year and four of this one. All the patients had such associate risk factors as renal chronic insufficiency, diabetes, cardi?patas, congenital malformations or obesity ', pointed out the Minister. None of six new cases belongs to San Carlos. The clarification of these deaths closes the hanging list of ratifying for the Inciensa in the whole country, inclusive the cases brought by the Organism of Judicial Investigation.



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                26 the dead persons for virus influenza

                The Department of Health confirmed two new deaths for the virus influenza AH1N1 in the country. Thus the official number of deceased raises 26. According to a bulletin sent the evening of this Friday, it is a question of two men who died in what goes of the year. The information details neither the day of the death nor the hospital in which the decease took place. Nevertheless, Health added that one of the victims is Guadalupe's neighbor, in Goicoechea, San Jose, of 51 years, with risk factors (obesity, cardiopat?a and asthma). This person was not vaccinated against the influenza. Another person was living in Corridors, Puntarenas. He was 67 years old and, between others sufferings of fund, had pulmonary obstructive chronic illness and it was smoking.



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                  Death toll from H1N1 flu rises to 27
                  BY EILLYN JIMENEZ B. - Updated January 17, 2016 at: 10:54 PM

                  The death toll from the H1N1 flu on Sunday rose to 27 people, after the Ministry of Health confirmed a new death.

                  The Hospital of San Carlos remains vigilant to the increase in cases of influenza AH1N1. In that hospital a woman died Saturday.
                  The Hospital of San Carlos remains vigilant to the increase in cases of influenza AH1N1. In that hospital a woman died on Saturday. (CARLOS HERNANDEZ / FILE) enlarge
                  The victim is an elderly living in Los Chiles and died in the Hospital of San Carlos on Saturday.

                  The institution indicated that the woman had a history for hypertension, heart disease and complications from a respiratory syndrome.

                  It also lacked the flu vaccine.
                  La cifra de muertes por la influenza AH1N1 subió este domingo a 27 personas, luego de que el Ministerio de Salud confirmara un nuevo fallecimiento.
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                    Health Confirms Death of Six Month Old Baby To H1N1 Flu Virus (Swine Flu)

                    QCOSTARICA The Health Ministry (Ministerio de Salud) confirmed the 29th victim of the H1N1 virus since December, the latest a six month old baby.



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                      A Dutch dies in Costa Rica because of the virus H1N1

                      A 56-year-old Dutch died in a medical center deprived of Costa Rica because of the virus H1N1, which causes the porcine flu, with what the number of mortal victims for this illness rose up to 31 since in last December a peak of infections was arising. The Costa Rican minister of Health, Fernando Llorca, confirmed today to the journalists the death of the Dutch, who last December 22 deposited Costa Rica along with his wife, proceeding from Nicaragua, both with the symptoms of the virus. The partner was interned in a medical private center, but the woman recovered satisfactorily, in contrast to his husband, who was in the medical center for one month until he died.